Monday, 4 February 2013

Beautiful Creatures - The Official Companion by Mark Cotta Vaz

 Summary from Goodreads

Explore the making of the film Beautiful Creatures in this ultimate visual companion, lavishly illustrated with full-color photos of the cast, locations, and sets. This beautiful paperback edition celebrates the on-screen creation of Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl's fascinating world, brought to life by screenwriter and director Richard LaGravenese.

With never-before-seen images, exclusive interviews and personal stories, Mark Cotta Vaz takes you behind the scenes with cast and crew, uncovering intimate details of the filmmaking process.

My Review

This stunning movie companion has me super duper excited for the movie, which really can't come fast enough for me! It is filled with tons of beautiful images and lots of really interesting information. What I enjoyed the most was hearing how the special effects were created - they truly sound magical! The director Richard LaGravenese seems to have a great vision of what is true to the novel, I like how he was so open to other peoples ideas and opinions. I really don't think fans of the books need to be worried or nervous about any changes that have been made.

We get to hear from a wide range of the team, from the makeup artists to the actors themselves - which was awesome. The thing I am now most excited to see in the film is The Caster Ball, which features big elaborate hair, makeup and costumes that look fantastic - you really wouldn't believe how much hard work has went into the preparation.

There is a little bit of everything in this wonderful book and it really is amazing to see how the magic was brought to life behind the scenes. I thing this is an absolute must read for any Beautiful Creatures fan, I know it is something that I will treasure and definitely refer back to.

Bring on the movie!! And please do go and read these fabulous books first people!!

5/5 Stars!

*Special thanks to Penguin for the review copy*

Carly :)


  1. I have seen the trailer of this book and it looks really amazing. How I wish i could read this book.

  2. I don't think I have ever read a movie companion before. I'm very excited about the movie! I think I need to read the first book before I'm going to see it.


    1. This is my first movie companion, Mel! You definitely need to read the book, it's awesome! :)

  3. I have never read a movie companion before. I am looking forward to the movie. Hope they don't screw it up!


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