Saturday, 2 February 2013

Scruffy Bear and the Lost Ball by Chris Wormell

My Review

Aww, Scruffy Bear and the Lost Ball is simply adorable! I just wanted to pick the poor little guy up and give him a big cuddle! The illustrations are stunning and could easily tell the story all on their own. The storyline is funny, charming, dangerous and full of adventure that will keep you guessing throughout! I really like Chris Wormell's engaging writing style, little people seem to be glued to the pages! Scruffy Bear is minding his own business when a red shiny ball bounces his way, he kicks it and it goes straight up into a tree and gets stuck. Little Scruffy then climbs into the tree to find the ball for the little rabbits that it belongs to. But it won't prove an easy task and there will be plenty of bumps, shocks and surprises along the way! We thought this was a brilliant book that we adored from start to finish. Another winner from Chris Wormell, we will most definitely be on the lookout for more of his works in the future!

4/5 Stars!


*Special thanks to Random House Children's Books for the review copy*


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