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Quantum Drop by Saci Lloyd - Blog Tour! Guest Post & Giveaway!

Quantum Drop by Saci Lloyd

Anthony Griffin is an ordinary kid caught up in a dangerous world. The boundaries between real and virtual are more and more blurred, and when Anthony’s girlfriend is taken out in a gang hit, he has to venture into the underground world of the Drop to flush out her killer and bring him to justice.

This is the story of a boy whose girl is worth more than money.

Paperback, 276 pages
Expected publication: February 7th 2013 by Hodder Children's Books

My Review

Quantum Drop is a lightening quick, action packed thrill ride! I did have some issues with the book but all in all I enjoyed it as a whole. I enjoyed main character Anthony's passion and drive to avenge his girlfriend, who was taken out in a horrific gang hit! I also really liked the weirdly intriguing cyber world that the characters enter, though I didn't fully understand how the whole thing worked. I actually really enjoyed getting to know the secondary characters, they were intriguing and very kick butt! The storyline is fast and furious and apart from the confusion I really enjoyed it!

What I think this book lacked was information - I really did need a bit more of a back story! Why was the world this way? How and why did the Betta gang start up? The In's and outs of the cyber world? I had too many whys and hows going on and it bugged me.

Anthony Griffin is a guy on a dangerous mission to bring his girlfriend's killer to justice! He must venture into the dark depths of the virtual world but things are confusing and not going to be simple. Anthony will not only need to put himself at risk but his closest friends....

Will he ever get justice for his girl?

Well obviously I can't give anything away! But I will say the end section of the book is amazingly action packed and will have you on the edge of your seat. I think Quantum Drop will appeal to a wide audience and I really do think it is worth a read.

Also, I would like to mention Anthony's sister, who has Aspergers Syndrome - I like how Saci has put this in the book because I don't think many teens will have heard of the condition before.

3/5 Stars

*Special thanks to Hodder for the review copy*

Carly :)

About The Author

Before becoming an internationally-acclaimed author and activist, Saci Lloyd has held down a bewildering variety of non-jobs, including being a storyboard artist, a cartoonist, a singer in a band, an animator and a script editor for Camouflage Films. 

She recently stepped down as Head of Media at Newham Sixth Form College, but continues her association with the East London college. Saci's first novel, THE CARBON DIARIES 2015, was shortlisted for the Costa Book Award and is in development with the BBC, and her third novel MOMENTUM was longlisted for The Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize

Saci is very aware of the market she writes for. She understands their day to day lives and that translates over in the voice of her novels. She is a very strong and vocal advocate within the education sector. Her many years experience working with teenagers in East London gives her a very real and valid insight into how education policies affect the next generation. Her many blogs often criticise the status quo. 

For more information on Saci and her books visit her website at

Saci's Guest Post

Quantum Drop is about a group of ordinary kids living in the Debtbelt who go after a corrupt financier when he orders the killing of one of their group - Tais, a totally innocent girl. The novel is set in a ragged first world city - it's up to you where - and it involves the massive virtual world of the Drop, where the kids outsource themselves across the world for money. At the heart of Quantum Drop is an exploration of the way human beings live on the planet. I’m fascinated by our strange minds, how we make up insane systems and then live by the weird rules we made up. That's what happened with the financial crash. Whole stock markets went down the drain, countries defaulted - and still the economists were going 'no this isn't possible... the figures must be wrong.' They just couldn't get it into their heads that their stupid systems couldn't cope with reality.  I'm enraged on behalf of young people and how they've been saddled with so much debt and I wanted to write a really great, rip-roaring thriller where they take their power back.


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  1. Really looking forward to getting my mitts on this one! Momentum was a brilliant thriller and if that's anything to go by I know Saci's writing will have me from the first page!! GIMME GIMME!! :D

  2. I love the lightining fast action packed story line but you know that I am such a stickler for detail and world building so this may not be right for me.

  3. Sounds like a good read, and thanks for featuring it as I've never heard of it until now!


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