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The Voices by F.R. Tallis

Summary from Goodreads

Once you've heard them, you'll never forget them . . .

In the scorching summer of 1976 - the hottest since records began - Christopher Norton, his wife Laura and their young daughter Faye settle into their new home in north London. The faded glory of the Victorian house is the perfect place for Norton, a composer of film soundtracks, to build a recording studio of his own.

But soon in the long, oppressively hot nights, Laura begins to hear something through the crackle of the baby monitor. First, a knocking sound.

Then come the voices . . .

Paperback: 400 pages 
Publisher: Pan (8 May 2014)
My Review

The Voices is an utterly engrossing tale that is ever so creepy in places! Tallis writes fantastically and I think the subtle way he plays out the chilling details makes things all the more sinister. I loved how the story built slowly, giving little hints but never giving away too much. I never had any clue which direction the story would take and I thoroughly enjoyed feeling on edge and clueless.

There were some interesting backdrops to the story, which really helped to build a complex back round picture. Main characters Christopher and Laura in my opinion couldn't be more different. He's older for a start, but the pair don't seem to share any interests.

Christopher's job as a film music composer really added to the story. I really enjoyed learning about all the job entails and what it's like to get your foot into the industry and keep it there.

I really clicked with Laura, she was a well known model but gave it up, married and had a child. Things start to spiral out of control when she has her child, she feels trapped and finds it hard to be close with Christopher. Laura doesn't know who she is anymore and the GP is no help - which was the norm with mental health issues in the 70's.

When the family of 3 move into their new home things seem great - but things take a chilling turn when the voices start to make themselves known....

You know, I'm now terrified when my baby's monitor crackles in the middle of the night - thanks for that Tallis! ;)

The Voices is a toying tale that is full of chills and thrills. The endings climax is faultless...but has thrown up some lurking questions that are still haunting me!

4 / 5 Stars

*With special thanks to Pan Mac for the review copy*

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