Monday, 30 June 2014

Run by Gregg Olsen

Summary from Goodreads

What if you discovered that everything you thought you knew about yourself was a lie?

Rylee is fifteen. She comes home from school one afternoon to find the most shocking thing possible - her father dead, with a knife through his heart, and a key clutched in his hand. Her mother's purse is on the counter, but she appears to be long gone. A message in blood is written on the floor... RUN.

With her brother in tow, Rylee begins a dark journey, one that will uncover horrific and chilling crimes and lead her to an unexpected and gruesome discovery about her real father and what - or who - is behind his insatiable desire to kill. By the journey's end Rylee's childhood is a long way behind her...

RUN is the first title in the new Vengeance series, following Rylee as she begins to piece together the story of her life and to avenge unpunished crimes - starting with her own. This is DEXTER with a feisty female protagonist unlike any other in contemporary young adult fiction.

Paperback, 256 pages
Published May 1st 2014 by Hot Key Books
My Review
Run is a mysterious read that easily hooked and intrigued me from start to finish. I loved the never knowing and the endless floods of questions that constantly invaded my brain!
Olsen is a very clever writer, he knows when to push and when to hold back for that perfect suspense filled moment. He builds and builds the tension and just when you think you've got the storyline sussed he goes and shocks you all over again.
Main character Rylee's life has been constantly uprooted and she is used to keeping secrets and keeping a look over her shoulder. But things take a far more sinister turn when she discovers the body of her step-father in a pool of his own blood. The only clue being the word RUN scrawled in blood....
I'm not too sure how I felt about Rylee, I admired her fearlessness and her fierce family loyalty. Something didn't quite connect with me though and I can't quite put my finger on it. I really enjoyed her journey and each big shocking discovery she unearthed about herself. What would you do if everything you ever knew was a big fat lie?
There were some horrifying moments that were truly chilling yet thrilling at the same time. I was literally reading on the edge and I really liked that. Some moments weren't played enough though and lacked some of the usual dramatics.
Run is a racy and very pacy read that trailed me along for one hell of a thrill ride. Olsen's writing has me all excited and I'll most definitely be on the lookout for more.
4 / 5 Stars
*Special thanks to Hot Key Books for the review copy*

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