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Perfect Ruin by Lauren DeStefano‏

Summary from Goodreads

On the floating city of Internment, you can be anything you dream, unless you approach the edge. Morgan Stockhour knows getting too close can lead to madness, like her older brother Len, a Jumper. She takes solace in her best friend Pen, and in Basil, the boy she’s engaged to marry. When she investigates the first murder in a generation, she meets Judas. The suspect was betrothed to the victim, but Morgan believes he is innocent. Nothing can prepare Morgan for the secrets she will find – or whom she will lose.

Paperback, 352 pages
Published October 3rd 2013 by HarperVoyager (first published October 1st 2013)  

  My Review

Lauren DeStefano never ceases to amaze me with her wickedly imaginative mind! Perfect Ruin in my opinion tops her Chemical Garden Trilogy, which is actually one of my favourite trilogies - so you can imagine how much I adored loosing myself to this!

The writing is exquisite, the attention to detailing superb and everything is worded with such beauty. Simplistic, to the point and highly engaging writing is what DeStefano achieves perfectly.

We have 1 floating city, a small population and a tight hold on everyday living. The king makes the rules and Internment is supposed to be a perfectly peaceful place to live. But the first murder leaves the city reeling and things rapidly start to unravel.

Morgan Stockhour, is a bit of a dreamer, she dreams of what lies beyond Internment - mainly the ground. It's a dangerous way to think, the edge crushes people, leaving them broken and damaged. Morgan soon wants to uncover the secrets Internment holds....

We have the most interesting mix of characters in here, I couldn't possibly tell you about them all but here are a select few personal favs:

Lex: He is beautifully broken and very intriguing. I found myself pondering over a lot of his strange little quirks.

Pen: Pen is delightful, fierce and extremely intelligent. She is straight talking and I like the workings of her brilliant mind a whole lot.

The ending was explosive and I sat in awe of all the awesomeness unfolding in front of my eyes.

Perfect Ruin is a spellbinding tale full of love, loss and finding yourself along the way. The characters are fabulous and a real joy to get to know. The story is one that will bang around in my mind for a very long time to come. I can very easily say that I will read anything Lauren DeStefano ever writes.

On a little side note, the stunning little snippets of Daphne Leander's notebook at the start of every chapter add a little bit of extra sparkle and depth to the overall story. I really looked forward to seeing what enlightening little bit of info I would unearth next.

I have sooo many favourite quotes but I will leave you with these:

"There aren't maps of the sky," Pen Says. "We're flying right off the page."

'A strange thing, words. Once they're said, it's hard to imagine they're untrue.'

A BIG 5 Stars!

*Special thanks to Harper Voyager for the review copy*


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