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Dead Gone by Luca Veste - Blog Tour!

DI David Murphy and DC Laura Rossi investigate the murder of a student at the City of Liverpool University. Attached to her is a letter from her killer, which details a famous unethical psychological experiment performed on the victim, resulting in her death. Convinced at first that the murderer is someone close and known to the victim, Murphy dismisses the letter as a bid to throw them off the scent…until more bodies are found, each with their own letter attached.

On the other side of the city, Rob Barker, an admin worker at the university, is dealing with his own loss. His partner has been missing for almost a year, with suspicion from all around her firmly pointed at him.

As the two seemingly unconnected events collide, it becomes apparent Murphy is chasing a killer unlike any he’s faced before.

One who kills to discover more about life...

 My Review

Dead Gone blew my mind in so many different ways and I managed to completely loose myself within it's super exciting pages for hours on end!

Luca Veste is a fantastic writer and he has very intelligently brought lots of interesting layers to this compelling story. The best quality is how real and utterly believable it is.The pacing is perfect, I sat in awe as each little detail is revealed at just the right moment - the climax is faultless.

The storyline is toying, dark and extremely complex. The reader is taken on a terrifying journey alongside Rossi and Murphy, who have to delve into the mind of a different sort of killer. The descriptors are deliciously vivid and I could picture and even smell the scene as if I was actually there. I particularly enjoyed how many demons Murphy had lurking around in his personal life and how he hadn't faced up to those things yet....

You can never be sure of anything in this story, I was shocked at nearly every twisting turn of events and I loved that. There are a lot of horrific moments but it won't force you to turn away it will leave you wanting more and reading at a furious rate.

Oh my goodness, the run up to the ending had me biting my nails in anticipation and the ending itself knocked the awesome out of the ball park!!

Dead Gone is a fresh, exciting and very readable crime debut from Luca Veste, who mixes highly intoxicating and very addictive elements together to keep you utterly gripped! Our main character Murphy is Gritty and believable - which is a huge plus in my book. It's very easy for me to say that this is a stand out read and I will be eagerly anticipating Veste's next book...

5 / 5 Stars!

*With special thanks to Avon for the review copy*

Author Bio

Luca Veste is a writer of Italian and Scouse heritage, currently living on the wrong side of the River Mersey. He is married with two young daughters, and is himself one of nine children.

He is currently a mature student, studying Psychology and Criminology at the University of Liverpool.

Luca is the editor of the Spinetingler Award nominated charity anthology series ‘Off the Record,’ which raises money for children’s literary charities. He also has short stories in numerous publications.

A former civil servant, actor and musician, he now divides his time between home life, university work and writing.

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