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Spook's: Slither's Tale by Joseph Delaney‏

Summary from Goodreads

Far from the Wardstone, a new darkness is rising . . .

Slither is a haizda mage who preys upon humans, drinking their blood to feed his dark urges. So when a local farmer dies, it's only natural that Slither should want to feast on his lovely daughters.

But then the farmer offers him a deal, and extracts from Slither a promise that will take him on a journey to the City of the Petrified Tree, to a fallen star-stone that holds great power, and straight into the path of Grimalkin, the Witch Assassin.

My Review

Slither is a dark, dangerous and very complex character who intrigued me in so many different ways! His tale is highly adventurous, very daring and there is never a dull moment!

This tale is set far away from the Spook wardened county. Slither is a slippery little devil that you would most definitely not want to meet in a dark alley. He prays on people in the dead of night, fueling up on their blood!

Everyone in his nearby village fears him, but one very brave farmer makes trades with him, in order to keep him from his daughters. But one day that farmer is injured, and on the brink of death he makes another trade with Slither: If he takes the 2 younger of the 3 daughters to relatives, he can keep the oldest, Nessa!

Slither is a man of his word and he always sticks to a trade. So, the 3 poor sisters have to take the deadliest journey alongside the most terrifying beast!

I loved their journey and every danger they faced. I really liked how afraid the girls were of Slither, he disgusted them. I particularly enjoyed watching how Nessa stood up to him and got braver as the story progressed.

You know, I felt a great deal for Slither. I felt sorry for him, which seems unbelievable, with his viscous way of doing things. He really intrigued me and I desperately wanted to know more about him. He has so many layers and hidden depths that just beg to be explored.

The action was on from the very first page and the adventure, danger and thrills kept up until the final pages. The end section had me riveted, with the arrival of a certain witch assassin - Grimalkin!!

I thought that this book was a little haphazardly thrown into the series, but now that I've finished, I'm terribly excited to see where Slither and his kind fit in with the overall main story. With any luck Mr Delaney will maybe do a spinoff series, delving deeper into this richly imagined world. Bring on the next book - Alice!!

4 / 5 Stars!

*With special thanks to Red Fox for the review copy*


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