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Foolish Games: Time Out by Leah Spiegel & Meg Summers‏

Summary from Goodreads

Joie and her friends are continuing to follow the Grimm Brother’s Band across their countrywide tour. They thought the worst was behind them but they had no idea that things were just getting started. Terrorists’ bombings call for all entertainment venues to be on high alert. With all of the new staff and crew members, the band finds it hard to know who to trust. Meanwhile things begin to heat up between Joie and Hawkins in and out of the bedroom when an ex-fiancé suddenly shows up on the scene but the real surprise has yet to come. If the band wants to continue on the tour, they must figure out who is really behind it all before time runs out…

 My Review

When I read the fantastic Foolish Games a couple of years ago, I had no idea there would be another book, so I was very excited to find out that not only was there another book, but another 2 - YAY!

This story picks up right after the aftermath of the last book and while the band are still on high alert, things seem to be getting back to normal. But that normality couldn't possibly last - could it?

Hell no! It seems that not only does Hawkins' supermodel ex fiance show up looking all glam and starting trouble, but it looks like the band is the target for the terrorist bombings that seem to be going off at their venues.

I loved that Joie and Hawkins' chemistry sizzled right off the page and that their intimate moments really did heat up - although I did miss the banter they had in the first book. But the ex fiance spells trouble in paradise....

I really enjoyed the whole mystery surrounding this story and there were definitely some tense moments. Spiegel and Summers write wonderfully and their ability to convey emotion is very beautiful indeed. I also adore how fabulously the characters have been developing.

How could I possibly not mention Joie's 2 partners in crime? Lizzie and Riley brought the fun and giggles while still being strong and having Joie's back the whole way.

There are soooo many BIG shockers in here that I really didn't see coming. I was chilled, thrilled and always wanting more (mainly Hawkins action LOL). I simply adored the ending and I am already reaching for the next book (which I have read & loved already).

4/5 Stars!

*With special thanks to Leah for providing me with a review copy*

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  1. Carly, I loved it! Thank you for posting it on Facebook!! And I know, when I decided to be a twitter quitter, you were one of the people I thought, darn it, I'm going to miss that girl!! We'll have to keep in touch over email! And thanks again for the awesome review! Leah:)


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