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Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake‏

Summary from Goodreads

Cas Lowood, armed with his late father's athame knife, kills ghosts. In Thunder Bay, Anna, forever 16, drips blood on her white dress from throat slit in 1958, and rips apart anyone who enters her house - except Cas. He makes new friends - high school queen Carmel, jock Will, admiring nerd Thomas and Tom's voodoo grandpa Morfran - to fight this demon.

Paperback, UK, 373 pages
Published July 5th 2012 by Orchard Books (first published September 2011) 
My Review
Wow, wow and more wow! This book took me to places I have never been taken before and I loved every single super chilling second!

The opening pages sucked me right in and I sat riveted right up until the bitter end. I didn't want to rush this story, I took my time, pondering the delicious detailing and vivid settings - and really just getting lost in it's awesomeness!

The storyline is utterly gripping and follows main character Cas, who is just a regular teenager, who just so happens to hunt the dead. He travels from place to place, doing this extraordinary job, never settling in the one place for too long. Until he gets wind of a very powerful ghost who has committed terrible crimes!

He knows he must seek out, Anna, the girl dressed in blood! But when he gets there everything changes, she is the strongest and most aware ghost he has ever faced. But when he unlocks her tragic past, he sees into her depths and there is so much more to her than just a brutal killing machine.

This creepy story sunk it's teeth into me and wouldn't let go! I had to know Anna and what made her so broken. She intrigued me and her story tugged on my heartstrings. I loved watching her inner turmoil play out and also seeing her soft side that begged to be understood.

Cas is one hell of a guy, he is tough, down-to-earth and packs a punch. What I liked most about him was his interest in Anna, she made him tick and he couldn't quite shake her from his mind. He is brave, courageous and when he lets people in, a great friend.

Kendare Blake's writing is absolutely stunning! I lived and experienced every single second of this vivid story, with it's rich descriptors and fabulously imagined world. The emotion was very strongly put across and the romance is achingly beautiful - in an out there sort of way!

Anna Dressed in Blood stands out from the crowd, it oozes chills, thrills, action packed moments and kept me enthralled at the awesome detailing. Kendare Blake knocked the ball out of the park when she wrote this little package of brilliance and I can hardly contain my excitement for the next book - which I have read and enjoyed already!

I have so many favourite quotes from this book but here are 2 of my most favs:

"When my foot hits the first mouldy board of the first step I can almost feel the house constrict, like it's breathing in, awakening after being so long untouched."

"Anna is descending upon me, coming down the stairs without taking any strides. Her feet drag horribly along like she can't use them at all. Her hair is shadow-less black, and it moves through the air as though suspended in water, snaking out behind and drifting like reeds. It's the only thing abut her that looks alive."

A BIG 5 Stars!

*Special thanks to Orchard Books for the review copy* 

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