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The Spook's Destiny by Joseph Delaney‏

Summary from Goodreads


'You belong to the blade now. You'll belong to it until the day you die . . .'

The Spook, Tom and Alice travel to Ireland, fleeing from the war in the County. There, Tom must tackle a group of evil mages who are desperate to rid their land of the Spook and his apprentice, and to increase their own dark powers.

His dangerous mission against the mages leads Tom to the Destiny Blade - a sword with a dark side, and a thirst for blood . . . Will this new weapon give him a fighting chance against the Fiend?

If he's to survive, he'll need training, and only one person can help - Grimalkin, the witch assassin. The dark against the dark . . .

The eighth volume in the terrifying Wardstone Chronicles. Read on if you dare . . . 

My Review

Wow, Joseph Delaney has blew my socks off with this epic 8th instalment, which I truly think is the best in the series so far!

Being from Northern Ireland myself, I loved that this story is set in the Emerald Isle!  I know of the places and have even visited some, so this thrilled me to no end!

I adored seeing Tom yet again in another new environment, where he has to learn along the way. He faces lots of new dangerous beings of the dark and I think is faced with his toughest and most terrifying tasks yet.

Joseph Delaney writes so brilliantly and he always manages to add to his already extensive lore. His world building is absolutely phenomenal and I love how he can get his characters into the trickiest situations, then manage to magic them out of them with unbelievable ease.

This story takes us to Ireland, Tom, the Spook and Alice are thrown into danger from the off. They are faced with the dark relentlessly but that isn't their toughest challenge. The time has come or them to finally bind The Fiend! Can the rely on the deadly witch assassin for help?

The action, shockers and suspense dominate this storyline and I loved each thrilling second! We learnt so much more throughout this book but again I have a feeling there is still so much more to discover and explore in Mr Delaney's wonderfully explosive world!

I was in awe with the events of the ending itself and it has left me shivering in anticipation for the next book.

The Spook's Destiny is a perfect instalment that is soaked in Irish lore. The world building is extensive and the characters are developing so wonderfully. You will be shocked, thrilled and every turn will have you experiencing the full on creepy feeling that Joseph Delaney's works create!

A BIG 5 Stars!

*Special thanks to Red Fox for the review copy*

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