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The Last Dragon by Dianna Hardy

Summary from Goodreads

The Earth is in a state of shock after the apocalypse. The veil between dimensions is no more. Demons and fallen angels walk among humans, and everyone is trying to find their place in the new world - Morgan le Fey's world.

But the fairy queen finds herself cemented within humanity and struggling with human emotions, and her right-hand-man, Lucifer, has secrets which are causing fissions among every race.

Meanwhile, Karl and Elena struggle with their powers, Katarra delivers an important message, and two men will stop at nothing to protect their unborn child - the Messiah of the New Age - and the woman they love.

Far to the east, the fallen Archangel Michael is fighting for the one he holds above all others.

The Last Dragon is about to rise and seal everyone's future, which depends solely on its survival ... or its extinction.

Notes: The Witching Pen series is comprised of a paranormal romance trilogy (books 1-3) and an urban fantasy novel, The Last Dragon. It is HIGHLY recommended that you read the trilogy first, so that you are not lost with this story. (Contains explicit scenes of sex and some violence.)

My Review

This is going to sound bad, but I don't want to review this book and not just because I found it so difficult, but because I loved it so much that no words can possibly do it justice!

I adored The Witching Pen Novellas, each separate story held it's own beauty and fantastic leading characters - but in The Last Dragon, everything molds together for one big explosive story of the epic variety!

The end has happened and it aint pretty! Demons, angels and humans lives have collided in the new world - a world belonging to Morgan Le Fey! There is an ultimate fight for survival, with our key players playing the important roles.

But in the end who will tumble and who will fall? Who will be left standing when The Last Dragon rises?!

There is so much going on in here and I feel like Dianna Hardy really brought the awesome for this finale. So much emotion - it truly radiates off the pages. The characters have developed and rounded off so beautifully, and I adored each edge of your seat, kick-ass, action packed second they endured. The world building is so rich and built upon so fantastically in this story.

I'm not going to hold back.....I fucking LOVE Abaddon! He is smoldering hot and oozes the interesting stuff. I would of loved tho have got to know him a little bit better *wink*.

The ending totally rocked! I wasn't expecting any of it and I was thrilled, excited and loving each furious second. On a little side note: The epilogue had me filling up......such beauty.

The Last Dragon rocked my bookish world! Dianna can seriously write - just wow! Intense, shocking, kick-ass, with hints of humour peppered throughout. One big must read book that is right up there with my BIG favourites. If you haven't read a Hardy book yet, then get you ass into gear, you are seriously missing out on the awesome-sauce........just sayin' ;)

A BIG 5 Stars!

*With special thanks to Dianna for the review copy*

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