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Third Grave Dead Ahead by Darynda Jones

Summary from Goodreads

Paranormal private eye. Grim reaper extraordinaire. Whatever. Charley Davidson is back! And she's drinking copious amounts of caffeine to stay awake because every time she closes her eyes she sees him: Reyes Farrow, the part-human, part-supermodel son of Satan.

Granted she did imprison Reyes for all eternity, but how is she supposed to solve a missing-persons case, deal with an ego-driven doctor, calm her curmudgeonly dad, and take on a motorcycle gang hell-bent on murder when the devil's son just won't give up on his plan of seduction..... and revenge?

Paperback, UK, 310 pages
Published February 2nd 2012 by Piatkus

My Review

I love these books and I really do think Darynda Jones manages to add a little something more with every book!

Darynda's writing style is very unique and she's an author that can make me roar out loud with laughter in each an every book (sometimes the laughter bursts out in inappropriate places, like waiting rooms). She mixes the right amount of sexy scenes with mystery and personal drama that is going on in Charley's life!

Charley Davidson is my favourite character of all time! She oozes sass, is very quirky and has some serious kick ass attitude. She is most definitely one of a kind and  I just wish I could have a Charley in my own life!

This instalment sees Charley doing everything in her power to stay awake, because when she sleeps, she is consumed by the oh so sexy Reyes Farrow! Which wouldn't be a bad thing, if he wasn't so darn angry.

I know there are plenty of Reyes Farrow super fans out there (me for 1) and in this instalment it's so easy to see why. He's dark, brooding, menacing and looks like sex on legs *yummy*!

So, Charley is suffering from sleep deprivation and is working her butt of on a missing persons case. This storyline throws a LOT at Charley, but our sassy lass doesn't go down without one hell of a fight! I actually think the events are some of Charley's toughest yet!

The ending is emotional and we found out so much more, but I have a feeling it's only the tip of the iceberg!

Third Grave Dead Ahead is an explosive 3rd instalment from Darynda Jones, who is taking her super series from strength to strength! A thrilling mystery, a super sexy son of Satan and one witty lady come together for one awesome read! I'm already reaching for the next book.....

4.5 / 5 Stars!

*Special thanks to Piatkus for the review copy*

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