Saturday, 23 February 2013

The House Rabbit by Lesley White

My Review

Aw, we loved The House Rabbit! It's fun, silly, filled with action and plenty of running around to keep you enterained!

The writing is wonderful and we easily fell into this great storyline! The illustrations are a real treat and are definitely memorable!

My daughter is a bit of a chicken and is terrified of bumps in the night, but this wonderful little story reassures children that while a bump may be frightening - there is usually a pretty good explanation for the noise.

We adored the ending especially when the animals realise that they were running about being very silly indeed.

This is a truly brilliant tale that we will definitely be recommending, reading again and putting on our favourites shelf!

A real winner!

*Special thanks to David Fickling Books for the review copy*

4.5/5 Stars!

Carly :)



  1. My daughter is finally overcoming her scared of everything phase, we have a book, Leo the Lop that talks about being brave and that has been big help. I will have to check out this one for her. Glad to have you back. Be sure to check out my TMST post on Tuesday :)

  2. Your daughter sounds a little like me. I am forever being spooked by noises at night! My house is the sort that is always creaking and groaning. :) This sounds like a cute little book. I'm glad you both enjoyed reading it!


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