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Level 2 (The Memory Chronicles #1) by Lenore Appelhans

 Summary from Goodreads

"I pause to look around the hive – all the podlike chambers are lit up as the drones shoot up on memories… I’ve wanted to get out of here before, but now the tight quarters start to choke me."

Felicia Ward is dead. Trapped in Level 2, the waiting room between Earth and Heaven, she spends endless days replaying memories, of her family, friends, boyfriend…and of the guy who broke her heart. The guy who has just broken into Level 2 to find her…

Felicia learns that a rebellion is brewing in Level 2, and it seems she is the key. Suspended between Heaven and Earth, she must make a choice. Between two worlds, two lives and two loves. A choice that will change everything…


Paperback, UK Edition, 320 pages
Published January 15th 2013 by Usborne Publishing
My Review
Level 2 is a brilliant first instalment from Lenotre Appelhans that I found very hard to put down! I think the storyline is very different from everything else out there  in the genre at the moment. I adored the world building, it is rich and really well developed! Lenore's writing style is fresh, engaging and I really enjoyed it. Main character Felicia is a great relate-able character who is fun, intelligent, kick-butt and I loved getting to know her!

There were 2 things that I wasn't a fan of: 1 - The whole religion thing, it was quite unexpected and it sort of crept up on me. I don't usually like religious themed books, but saying that it wasn't over the top and to be honest I think it added to the story, making it more complex. I just wished I knew before picking up the book. 2 - Neil, *sigh* I just couldn't see his appeal and it annoyed me that Felicia went on about him so much, he actually bored me to tears! Now Julian, he is a whole other story, he is in-depth, interesting and the complete opposite to Neil. But I suppose everyone will have a different opinion on the matter!

Felicia Ward is dead, she resides in a strange in-between place called Level 2! Things are very monotonous in Level 2, everyone accesses their memories over and over again, everyone is happy to do so apart from Felicia. When a blast from her past bursts into Level 2 to rescue her, she soon realises that things are not really what they seem and she just happens to be the person everyone needs as their key player in the war. She is then asked to join a certain side in the war that is raging, but what will Felicia decide when the shocking facts are revealed!?

The lead up to the ending is awesome! It's full of shockers and edge of your seat action! I was quite pleased with how the ending turned out but I was secretly rooting for another outcome! I am seriously excited to see where Lenore Appelhans is going to take her readers next in Level 3, which I can't wait for!

All in all, this is is a great first book in a wonderful new world that will have you glued to those pages!

I did have a favourite quote in Level 2, here it is:

"I know I'm attractive, physically at least. Plenty of people have told me that through the years. Little does Neil know how ugly I am on the inside. He can't see the scars." -page 152

3.5/5 Stars
*Special thanks to Usborne for the review copy*

Carly :)

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  1. I've heard mixed things about this book, but I am still excited to try it out. I love the sound of the concept :) And shockers + action are always welcome :D


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