Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Crusher by Niall Leonard‏


To catch a killer,Finn Maguire may have to become one....

Everything changed the day Finn found his father in a pool of blood, bludgeoned to death. His dull, dreary life is turned upside down as he becomes the prime suspect. How can he clear his name and find out who hated his dad enough to kill him?

Facing danger at every turn, uncovering dark family secrets and braving the seedy London underworld,Finn is about to discover that only the people you trust can really hurt you...

Paperback, 384 pages
Expected publication: September 13th 2012 by Doubleday

My Review

Can I just start off by saying Wow! I was addicted to this from the first chapter, I was like a zombie all day and it pained me to put the book down to make the dinner, the same night I stayed up well into the wee hours just to finish this fantastic book. And what a page turner it is, I really won't be able to praise it enough. Niall Leonard's writing style is spot on and his characters are really well developed. The best thing about the book for me has to be main character, Finn Maguire, he is down-to-earth, brave, brutally honest, raw as ropes and I think weirdly I am in love with him, just a little bit, lol. The storyline is compelling, peppered with so many twists and turns you will question everything and has an amazingly explosive ending that you will not be expecting. Crusher is a fabulous debut from Niall Leonard that is definitely not to be missed!

Finn Maguire is just your regular drop out of school kinda guy, he holds down a horrible job in a greasy fast food joint in London, he lives with his drunken step-dad who was once an actor but now spends his days writing what he thinks will bean epic new T.V. show. When Finn finds his dad murdered when he comes home from work his life takes another downward turn.

Finn is thrown into the spotlight as the prime suspect in his own fathers murder! With no other way to turn he puts all his efforts into finding his fathers murderer on his own. With danger at every turn he digs deep into the dangerous London underground and finds himself in some tough situations. But Finn will find out the hard way that you really can't trust anyone in this cruel life!

The ending is action packed and as I said before a total shocker that you will not see coming. All that's left for me to do is urge you to pick up this explosively addictive book today! I will definitely be looking out for more works from the author in the future.

4.5/5 Stars

*Special thanks to Doubleday for the review copy*

Carly :)

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  1. Fantastic!!!! I was nervous about this one but this review as gave me hope!! Hopefully start it soon!

  2. I passed on reviewing this book, but I definitely regret it now! I'm glad you enjoyed this book, Carly. It's always a good sign when a book keeps you up in the early hours of the morning. :) Fantastic review!

  3. I hadn't heard about this one and it's not normally something that I'd pick up, however your review has made it sound fantastic! I will definitely keep my eye out for this one. Glad you enjoyed it!

    Steph @ Stepping Out Of The Page

  4. this is the first I am hearing of this one. I am dying to read anohter good thriller. Gone Girl really wet my appetite for them.. imwill definitely be adding this to my list! Get some sleep girl!

  5. I love a book that can suck you in from the beginning so you got my attention right away! It sounds like an interesting plot too :)


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