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Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James


When literature student Anastasia Steele interviews successful entrepreneur Christian Grey, she finds him very attractive and deeply intimidating. Convinced that their meeting went badly, she tries to put him out of her mind - until he turns up at the store where she works part-time, and invites her out.

Unworldly and innocent, Ana is shocked to find she wants this man. And, when he warns her to keep her distance, it only makes her want him more.

But Grey is tormented by inner demons, and consumed by the need to control. As they embark on a passionate love affair, Ana discovers more about her own desires, as well as the dark secrets Grey keeps hidden away from public view .
Paperback: 528 pages 
Publisher: Arrow (12 April 2012)

My Review

Fifty Shades of Grey is one of the most talked about books of all time and for most people it's either a love it or hate it book! For me, I really enjoyed the book as a whole, there are a lot of things that I didn't like, such as main character Ana, she was so immature and indecisive that I wanted to shake her. Don't get me wrong I think she is a great character and I liked her but I just wished she would toughen up a bit. There are some other things too but I'll not get into them because I really enjoyed the story and that's really what it's all about at the end of the day, isn't it? It wasn't the storyline, sex, writing style or anything else that hooked me into this book, it was the charismatic, sexy and possessive character that is Mr Grey himself. And what a guy he is *swoon*!

Anastasia 'Ana' Steele is a literature student who is very close to graduating. Her best-friend Catherine is ill so she asks a big favour of her, she asks her to go and interview the super successful entrepreneur Christian Grey for the student magazine on her behalf. Reluctantly Ana goes to the interview and is unnerved and intimidated by Mr Grey, even though he has stirred something deep inside her.

A couple of weeks later Ana is working in the hardware shop when none other than Mr Grey himself strolls into the shop. He asks her for coffee and everything happens so quickly from there. Ana is quickly wrapped up in a world she never could of imagined existed! Christian Grey has dark desires that frighten and thrill Ana to the core! Ana is super shocked that she actually wants this man.

Christian has dark secrets and demons that make him possessive and make him feel the need to control everybody and everything he comes into contact with. What will Ana do with this man who just wants to keep her at arms length, when she wants so much more?

Well the ending is fantastic, I was glued to those pages, I was so glad Ana stood up for herself and I will admit to having a little tear up *pregnancy hormones lol*! I really cannot wait to get my paws on the next book in this highly addictive trilogy 'Fifty Shades Darker'. I only wish I had of bought the trilogy together to cut out the waiting time in between books. Yes, I would recommend Fifty Shades, I know the kinkiness is not for the faint hearted, but personally I don't think it was that heavy, I have read some books in the Paranormal Romance genre that are a little heavier!

4/5 Stars

Carly :)


  1. You're right - this is a very love or hate sort of book. It wasn't for me but I'm glad to see you enjoyed it! :) Ana frustrated me to no end... and the kinkiness made me blush. ;) I guess I read way too many YA books so it was a dive straight into the deep end. Nice review, Carly! :)

  2. I just don't think I could read this one. I have heard the writing is atrocious and one blogger discussed the scene with the feminine hygiene products and it just isma big ewww for me. I am glad it was good for you...

  3. Good on you for giving this a go, I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it, I hope you can get the second book soon :) I know I don't want to read it, mainly because I've read it's just re-packaged fan fiction and some of the excerpts I've read have been quite hilarious!


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