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Guardian of Fate by L.J. Kentowski

Fear of death is all too common. Visions of it chill the bones and skip heartbeats. Seeing it coming and knowing only you can rescue the soul of the victim from the fiery bowels of hell…that’s downright life-altering.

Cassandra Cosgrove’s life was altered at the age of sixteen when she found out that it was her responsibility to save the lives, and ultimately the souls, of innocent victims targeted by Hell’s demons. As impossible as it seemed at first, she was able to live a fairly normal life, while secretly fulfilling her obligation as a Guardian of Fate.

But years later Fate has its own plan when her visions begin drastically changing at the same time two mysterious men appear in her life. Cassandra suddenly finds herself caught in a battle between good and evil, with her own soul on the line. When it seems everyone in her life has a secret they’ve been hiding from her, who can she trust to be the Guardian of her Fate?

Paperback, 302 pages
Published December 12th 2011 by L.J. Kentowski

My Review
Guardian of Fate is such a breath of fresh air, it has such a different storyline than everything out there at the minute. It is beautifully written and I fell in love with the characters quite early on. There is a roller coaster ride of emotions throughout which kept me on the edge of my seat.

Cassandra (Cassie) is a Guardian of Fate, she gets visions of mortals that are in danger from the Demons of hell. It's her responsibility to change their fate and keep them alive. Cassie has been doing this for quite some time with not to many problems but when her visions start to change, strange things start to happen.

Cassie meets two men in a bar called, Caleb and Hunter, One of whom is too familiar. He just so happens to be the mysterious stranger from her strange reoccurring dreams. Both men insert themselves in Cassie's life, but they are not who they say they are. Cassie knows something is not quite right from the off.

Cassie finds herself in the middle of an age old battle of good Vs evil, but her soul will be the one to tip the balance if swayed. Cassie is not who she thought she was either and she discovers so many shocking revelations about herself. She has spent a good part of her life changing other peoples fates for the better, but she never thought it would be her fate that would need changing. Who can she possibly trust to be her Guardian of Fate?

The ending had a very unexpected outcome, which has now left me dying to get my hands on the next instalment. Guardian of Fate is full of twists & turns, had lots of action and not forgetting some steamy love scenes. L.J. Kentowski is on to a winner with this amazing new series. 

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My favourite characters were the main ones:

Cassie - She is a great friend & daughter, she is intelligent, funny, strong and very interesting to read about. I can't wait to see how her unexpected talents develop.

Hunter - I love this guy, he is powerful, tough, mysterious, speaks his mind and did I mention HOT?? I hope we get lots more Hunter action in future books.

*Special thanks to L.J. Kentowski for the review copy*

4.5/5 Stars

Carly :)


  1. Another good series to check out. My TBR pile is going to bury me soon! Thanks for the recommend.

  2. Thanks so much for taking the time to review GOF Carly :) So glad you liked it. Can't wait for you to dive into Seeker Of Fate. You're in for more surprises of course! Hoping to be out Oct or before.

    Thanks again!


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