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Neverdark by C.S. Einfeld

From Goodreads:

The Faeries of Southnut are in big trouble. Lord Darkwater is up to no good.

The White Castle of Doru is under attack by the greatest army Princess Fiera's ever seen. Lord Darkwater is poised to crush her tiny kingdom unless the king gives Fiera up to become his wife.

Well, fffungus! She's having none of that!

The race is on for Fiera to outwit Lord Darkwater's Dragonfly Riders, Bat Brigades, and even a giant, faerie-eating Spider to save herself and, before it's too late, her whole world.

Paperback, 260 pages
Published December 9th 2011 by Goethe Books (first published November 17th 2011) 
Genre: Tween/fantasy 

From the minute I picked up this fantastic little book, I was entranced. I posted up the prologue here, because I loved it so much. I am so glad I got to read this amazing adventure story, a special thanks to C.S. Einfeld, who was kind enough to send me review copy.

The story starts in the kingdom of Southnut, Princess Feira is having a tantrum. Her father King Utor Goldenoak has informed her that she is to marry Lord Darkwater. This is the last thing in Great Oak that Feira wants to do.

Lady Gooseberry, has always looked after Feira, since her mum has not yet awakened from her sleep, that all mothers have, they don't awaken until their children's wings harden (when they reach maturity). Lady Gooseberry tells Feira the whole sorry story about Lord Darkwater, and she must leave immediately to seek out the aid of Old Mother Oak.

You see Lord Darkwater is not a very nice faerie at all, he has been rigging up nearly all of the great oak tree, to extract the Oak syrup that all the faeries live off. The Oak syrup is running out fast and the tree is dying, some of the animals are already leaving. Lady Gooseberry says Fiera must seek out old Mother Oak and ask her for help. She sends Fiera off in secret, with her adorable little firefly Sparky, on their dangerous adventure to the top of the Great Oak.

Fiera's journey is full of adventure and danger, she makes lots of friends easily with her kind and loving nature. She is courageous and smart and is a real joy to read about.

But can Fiera make it to the top of Great Oak? Can she seek out the Old Mother Oak and save the tree, the animals and her people in time? Well I don't want to give anything away, so I won't say any-more, You will have to pick up this amazing little book and find out.

Neverdark was a breath of fresh air for me, really beautifully written. I really enjoyed it and will definitely go back and read it again. The illustrations were a lovely addition to the book, Great job to Aaron Einfeld. My daughter couldn't believe my book had illustrations and I ended up having to tell her all about them. C.S. Einfeld has brought something unique to the table, I really can't praise Neverdark enough. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for more books from C.S. Einfeld.

A five star read

Carly :)

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  1. Ah, thank-you Carly! We are so glad you enjoyed 'Neverdark'. It our debut novel, so it's especially lovely to receive such positive feedback from reviewers like yourself. Again, many thanks,
    C.S. Einfeld, and Aaron Einfeld


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