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Interview with Eve Langlais and giveaway

First off  a big Hello and welcome Eve, thanks for stopping by Fiction Fascination and taking the time out to do an interview. Eve will also be giving away one e-book copy of her novel Delicate Freakn' Flower to one lucky winner.

A Little Bit About The Author

I'm writing romance the way I like it--hot with a touch of paranormal fun. I enjoy reading and writing stories that push the envelope of what we consider normal, and I love to push boundaries--and in some cases totally smash them. I tend to have alot of sexual tension in my tales as I think all torrid love affairs start with a tingle in our tummies. My heroes are very male, you could even say border line chest thumping at times. So if you want a truly sensitive man, I am not for you. But that said, my men will do almost anything for the one they love. Even babysit.

For more on me and my work please see my website 

 Title: Delicate Freakn' Flower (Freakn' Shifters #1)
Author: Eve Langlais
Date Published: July 1st 2011
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: Paranormal /Romance/ Erotica

Not suitable for younger readers.

From Goodreads:

 Dammit, just how many toes was she going to have to stomp on before people realized she was a Delicate Freakn’ Flower?

Naomi doesn’t want to follow tradition and settle down with a violence-loving, chest thumping shapeshifter. She grew up in a household with five, testosterone laden brothers where none of the dishes ever matched, the ugly-as-sin furniture could withstand any catastrophe, and where crazy glue was bought by the case.

When fate—with a snicker—makes her meet not one, but two mates, Naomi digs her heels in and refuses to do what her wolf—and her body—demands. No way is she voluntarily allowing herself to get hitched to a pair of dumbass—totally hot and muscled—lacrosse players.

Can Ethan, the towering Kodiak bear, and Javier, the sexy, tanned jaguar convince this she-wolf that life with them won’t be all chaos? And can this delicate freakn’ flower unbend her prejudices enough to recognize she needs a pair of men who can handle her thorns—and her passion?

Warning: this is a hot threesome story where all the focus is on her with pleasurable consequences.


Tell us a little bit about Delicate Freakn' Flower?
Delicate Freakn' Flower came about because of my love of lacrosse. It is a fast paced sport requiring athleticism and speed, a perfect sport in other words for nimble shapeshifters. But that was just the first part of my brainstorm. I thought wouldn't it be funny if a woman who hated sports was fated to be a mate to not one but two jocks? Add in an ornery nature, a rollicking family, and a delicate flower who ain't so freakn' delicate, and we ended up with Delicate Freakn' Flower, a humorous yet romantic ride.

You have so many wonderful titles, which one is your favourite? 
That is getting harder all the time, because I now have a few. My Princess Of Hell series will always be at the top of my list because my visiom of Hell and Satan crack me up. Bunny & The Bear, just because it's a hoot. And then, my alien stories because I just know there is life out there. Really, there is!

When did you start writing? what age? 
I wrote during my creative writing classes for school and totally enjoyed it. Then I graduated, entered the real world and didn't write again until I was 35 years old. My first piece, Take A Chance was accepted in 2009 and published the following summer.  But by that time I was on a roll, writing like a mad woman. I discovered I loved putting my stories into words everyone could read and I haven't stopped since.

are you working on any writing at the minute? 
I'm always working. lol. Right now I'm swinging back and forth between an alien piece, a cyborg one and fleshing out the storylines for a few sequels.

What's the best thing about being an author?
Knowing I'm not the only one who enjoys my warped sense of humor.

And the worst? 
Knowing some people don't get my warped sense of humor :(

Tell us about some of your favourite authors?
I love Gena Showalter, Laurann Dohner and Kaitlyn O'Connor.

Tell us a little bit about some of your up and coming books?
Most recently Taming Her Wolf released, a story about a vampiress who thinks she can tame a captured Lycan but finds herself falling in love instead. Then there's Claiming Her Geeks, an exclusive about an alpha female who can't help wanting two weak, yet smart, wolves. I love a story with a bit of role reversal lol.

What inspires you to write?
Just about anything. A certain word. Song. Totally abstract concept that hits me out of the blue. My husband just shakes my head when I suddenly spout off some new idea while cooking dinner lol.

How long does it usually take you to write a book?
Depends on the length. I write 10 to 20 thousand words a week. So a novella will take 2-4 weeks while a longer novel length is 4-6.

Tell us us top five all time favourite books? 
Gena Showalter's Lord series. I could read those over and over, the men are so delicious.

What do you like to get up to in your spare time?
I love to play videogames. My newest favorite is Skylanders which I play with my son or youngest daughter. I can't wait until we get some more characters so we can unlock some new locations :) I've also discovered Keflings. My little one plays with me and we giggle every time we make the keflings (our minions) take on a new task.

Where can your readers find you? and your books? 
I post all the links to purchase my books on my site . You will also find news on my current books, upcoming releases and see some truly drool worthy covers. You can also friend me on Facebook. I love meeting new readers :)

Is there anything else you would like to say to your readers? 
If you do pick up one of my book then I hope you have a great time reading it. I love nothing more than having one of my stories suck you  in and spit you out wearing a smile.
Thanks for taking the time to interview me and for those who took the time to read it, an even bigger thank you :)

Thanks so much Eve :)

No for a chance for one lucky person to win a copy of  Delicate Freakn' Flower. Fill out the Rafflecopter. Ends on the 30th Jan 2012. Eve will contact the winner via e-mail with their e-copy. Good Luck. :)

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