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Interview With Annie Frame and giveaway

A Little bit about The Author

I'm a clairvoyant medium who loves to write fiction stories because they offer so much freedom in so many ways. In a world that has so many restrictions to a spiritual mind it feels good to float on the wings of fiction because there is no one dictating rules and regulations, just good old-fashioned freedom. I'm fully qualified in numerous healing fields and an Amara Reiki master; I hold teacher qualifications and a psychology qualification. I have always been aware of the invisible side of life and spent many of my early years working extra hard to shut the doorway. This led to a very unhappy incomplete way of thinking; eventually due to ill heath, I found myself looking within and realised that I couldn't run away from myself any longer. I came to a crossroads: live in fear of the other side or learn to understand it; I chose the second option.



 This spine chilling book takes the reader into the realms of horror all the more believable because it seems reality not fantasy. The Imprints enter the soul of the narrator with determined power and describe each of their emotions in vivid detail. It is impossible not to be deeply involved, revolted and yet entranced at the same time as the linking of the personalities becomes apparent. Desperation, self destruction and fear are superimposed on the beauty of the rose with its blood red petals. Each bloom shows the astral image of the various characters as their lives have been lived, giving some hope for the future and the lessons offered to the soul as it evolves to enlightenment and bewitching knowledge.

The Quiet Road

  Frankford Lucas is the chief superintendent in the police force. He is well respected and well thought of... however, he has a secret. Ever since childhood he has visited The Quiet Road in his dreams. He thought it was a good place, this Quiet Road, but events unfold to prove otherwise. Gruesome murders are being carried out on his patch and trophies turning up in his flat with no rational explanation. Who is slaughtering the innocent victims and why? Profiler Lenny Docker introduces a clairvoyant into the investigation and The Sarsaparilla Duchess, seems to know more about Frankford Lucas than she should - even more than he does himself! In time Frankford Lucas learns the true secret of The Quiet Road and realises he is dealing with a force beyond his control. Can he save his soul from darkness, and can he save the souls of others who cannot help themselves? The Road is long as is the investigation leading the reader on an intense journey they will not forget in a hurry!

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First Off a big hello and thank-you to Annie Frame who was kind enough to drop by Fiction Fascination for an interview. :)

1. The Quiet Road is an amazing read, tell us a little bit about it?

It's about the mind and how powerful pathways lie within it. The main character Frankford Lucas has lived a life without any spiritual experiences (or so he thinks!) But that all changes when a number of vicious murders happen and he finds himself leading  the investigation which uncovers more than he expects. A closed mind blown wide open gives the reader quite a lot to think about, all courtesy of the Devil who lurks in the corners of the mind waiting for moments of weakness in the mere mortal.  

2. Where did the idea come from to write TQR?

 The story wouldn't leave me alone until it hit the page. The characters chattered in my head until their voices came together and told their story. 
3. How long did it take you to write?

About 5 months. 
4. Tell us a little bit about Imprint?

Imprint is about a dead witch who yearns to evolve, but is unsure how to go about it. That is until she enters the Library of Souls where she discovers a journal that holds her Imprints (pools left behind on earth after death). Each Imprint holds an identity that only the owner can breath life into. 

5. Are you working on any writing at the minute?

Yes, it's another supernatural story with plenty ghosts nestled in the pages. Early next year I have two ebooks out with e-books Publisher. Change of Life and Old Alcopop. They are also planing to publish both TQR and Imprint as e-books.  

6.TQR for me was a chilling read, Have you ever had a chilling supernatural experience?

Have to say a big yes to this! Most of my life has been filled with supernatural experiences, even though I fought against it for years, eventually I knew that I had to accept it as part of the life I own. Hats off to those folk who have only ever had positive other worldly experiences, but I've found that the void is limitless and full of good and bad ( just like here on earth only multiplied tenfold)

7. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I have a wonderful family, so enjoy being with them. I also have a dog and 3 cats, so they fill my time. I love to read and as you know write!

8. Tell us about some of your favourite reads?

I love Charles Dickens, his tales teach us all a thing or two! Have also enjoyed M. Scott Peck, The Road Less Travelled and People of the Lie. Another firm favourite is Hostage to the Devil by Malachi Martin. If there's a book around I have to read it!     

9. What inspires you to write Annie? 

An empty page! As soon as I see one, someone or something springs to mind demanding life....

10. Where can people find you? and your works?

I'm on facebook Twitter  Goodreads 

To buy Imprint 

To buy The Quiet Road

11. Is there anything else you would like to say to your readers?

I might write scary stories, but I'm not scary....honestly! I leave the monsters tucked in between the pages.
Imprint and TQR are available for review, so bloggers/readers do get in touch if you like to be chilled to the bone for an hour or two! You can catch me on

Thanks again for taking the time out to do an interview with me Annie. :)

Thank-you to Fiction Fascination for having me.


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