Saturday, 22 February 2014

On the Cover #47

On The Cover is a feature I am going to doing every now and again. I will pick one book cover that sticks out, is really interesting or just beautiful - I particularly like a book cover that has a stunning landscape.
I think the cover of a book is very important, it's the first thing a person sees and some of the time it's the reason why a person will pick a book up and read the back. I will just pick a book that catches my eye from throughout the week.
So come on Book Cover Lovers, share with me your favourite book covers.

My Pick This Week:

Cursed by Diamonds by J.K. Ensley

Summary from Goodreads

Jenevier and Jezreel are childhood friends spending the summer with Jenevier's dying Aunt Marlise, the healer in a town called Moorglen. At Marlise's Life Celebration feast, the twisted Prince of Wrothdem marks Jenevier with a curse worse than death. A valiant young man joins the two maidens in a quest to break the curse and restore their carefree lives.
Alas, Fate has different plans.

Decisions and choices are grand focal points in every individual’s destiny. One wrong step, no matter how noble, can irrecoverably alter countless lives. The path you choose to take, and what you are willing to sacrifice, becomes your true mark of worth.

Jenevier is forced to follow the cryptic warnings of her aunt and journey to a place she has never seen, trusting a man she knows nothing about. Alastyn travels north to find the hidden Elven people, rumored to have first-hand knowledge of the black curse. And, Jezreel chooses to follow a much darker path when she invites magic along for the ride.

Years will pass as each friend endures what they must for the sake of love and the duty of friendship. But, how much of yourself can you sacrifice before you are no longer who you once were? Is it worth it? Is winning worth any price? Is freedom?

Every curse has a blessing and every blessing has a curse. When you stand face to face with your destiny, will you be able to tell one from the other?

Paperback, 355 pages
Published October 15th 2012 by Createspace (first published October 14th 2012)
Have you seen any beautiful covers on your travels this week?   

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