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The Windvale Sprites by Mackenzie Crook‏

Summary from Goodreads

When a storm sweeps through the country, Asa wakes up the next day to find that his town is almost unrecognisable - trees have fallen down, roofs have collapsed and debris lies everywhere. But amongst the debris in his back garden Asa makes an astounding discovery - the body of a small winged creature. A creature that looks very like a fairy. Do fairies really exist? Asa embarks on a mission to find out. A mission that leads him to the lost journals of local eccentric Benjamin Tooth who, two hundred years earlier, claimed to have discovered the existence of fairies. What Asa reads in those journals takes him on a secret trip to Windvale Moor, where he discovers much more than he'd hoped to...

Hardcover, 208 pages
Published November 1st 2011 by Faber & Faber
 My Review
The Windvale Sprites is a truly magical book that captured my imagination and had me flying through the pages at an alarming rate.

Mackenzie Crook is a really talented writer and his illustrations are really quite special - I think they bring the story to life so brilliantly. What I enjoyed the most was how this story brought things back to basics, we have one little boy on an adventure mission. He hits the books, does his research and is very excitable about doing so. He doesn't need a T.V., computer games or even anyone else. He was on a solo mission of discovery.

Asa Brown is a fun guy who I liked instantly. He stumbles upon a strange creature in his pond after a huge storm. After a better inspection he suspects it's a fairy, which couldn't possibly be right - could it? Asa, makes it his mission to find out!

The mission leads him to Windvale Moor on the instruction of the alchemist, Benjamin Tooth - who is an interesting fellow indeed. There are so many surprises to be unearthed up on the moor and it's all very exciting.

I absolutely loved the ending and it left me feeling all calm and at peace.

The Windvale Sprites is a fantastic adventure story full of shocks and magic. I sat truly entranced at the events unfolding and I really enjoyed getting to know, Asa. I just can't wait to pick up The Lost Journals of Benjamin Tooth  - which is already whispering 'pick me' persistently.

4 / 5 Stars!

*With special thanks to Faber & Faber Children's for the review copy* 



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