Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Double Crossing By Richard Platt‏

Summary from Amazon
The amazing story of a young immigrant's journey to Ellis Island and his life beyond. 

It's 1908, and David O'Connor, newly orphaned and alone in the world, has had to leave his home in Ireland to go and live with his uncle and aunt in America. His journey to New York and his new life there are tougher than David could ever have imagined, especially when he is harbouring a dark secret which he must take with him to his grave. His incredible story is recorded in his journal, complete with stuck-in mementoes of his journey.

Paperback: 240 pages
Publisher: Walker (4 July 2013)

My Review

Double Crossing is such an interesting little book that I devoured all in one sitting!

David O' Connor is a brilliant character, who's journal entries were a very honest account of his very shocking life! His journey from a young catholic boy in Ireland to his new life in New York is very tough, emotional and I just wanted to pick him up and take him home.

David's life is a heartbreaking tale, I felt so dearly for him when he was forced to leave his home in Ireland. I'm from Northern Ireland myself, so I really enjoyed reading about David's life there and some of the old ways are still the same to this very day. David travels to America in the hopes of a fresh start but things go from bad to worse and he is pulled into deadly gangs with no hope of escape!

What makes this book so special are the fabulous little illustrations that manages to bring the story to life so wonderfully.

The ending is very interesting but what made it more interesting is the authors note at the back of the book.....

Richard Platt has done an astonishing job with making these journal entries read so well. we really did get a full in depth story that was full of surprise, suspense, emotion, action and so many shockers!

Double Crossing is a very intriguing read that paints a very vivid picture of the grizzly life of an orphan boy in the life of gang crime in America. Gripping, emotional and brilliantly put together!

4 / 5 Stars!

*Special thanks to Walker for the review copy*

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