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White Lies and Tiaras by Marilyn Kaye

Summary from Goodreads

Alice Henshaw thought she'd got over her first love, Jack. Even an invitation to his wedding doesn't get to her - well maybe just a little. But Alice has a new boyfriend now, and she's going to put the past behind her . . .

Arriving for the weekend at the stunning Chateau near Paris where the wedding will be held, Alice and her best friend Lara, their boyfriends in tow, are all set for a romantic few days in the city of lovers.

But weddings have a way of shining a light on relationship issues, and it isn't long before Alice is questioning her feelings for her boyfriend Cal, along with those for the bridegroom Jack . . . not to mention her growing unease with Jack's fiancee Nathalie.

Paperback, 288 pages
Published September 6th 2012 by Hodder
My Review
White Lies and Tiaras is not something I would usually pick up but I was after something different and I definitely wasn't disappointed! This has quite a simple storyline but it definitely has a lot of mystery going on to keep you guessing right up until the end. I liked that that this was a fast paced, quick read, the writing was also very good! The scandal, bitching and downright naughty behaviour was highly entertaining and I really didn't know what to expect next! I didn't really overly like any of the characters, but I loved to hate one of them, Nathlaie. She was so annoying, I really did want to choke her, so I think she is a brilliant villain. I enjoyed all the little love stories and I liked the honesty when the truths were finally realised. Something I also loved was the setting, Paris the city of love, I enjoyed all the not-so-romancing that was going on.
Alice and Lara are best-friends and they are both dating guys that are also best-friends. Lara adores Harry but Alice isn't really feeling the love towards Cal, but she thinks it will grow over time. The girls are well and truly shocked when they both receive wedding invitations from Lara's cousin and Alice's first love - Jack! Alice and Lara decide to attend the wedding in Paris, Lara to represent her side of the family and Alice to prove shes moved on with her life. The girls drag the poor boys along with them too.
When they arrive in Paris though things aren't what you'd expect them to be, the supposed happy couple are anything but happy. The fiance Nathalie is hiding something, she is also a real nasty piece of work. The girls figure out some things about her and Alice also figures out that she still has feelings for the groom, Jack! Also a French hottie will catch Lara's eye!

This is an an all round fun read that had me laughing out loud in some places. I enjoyed it for the most part but I felt the ending was a little rushed! If you are after a quick, light read that is full of twists, turns not to mention all the little shock factors, then this is the book for you.
*Special thanks to Hodder Children's for the review copy*
3/5 Stars 

Carly :) 


  1. This is a book I wouldn't pick up, because it's just not something I enjoy. I'm glad that you liked it, even when it's also not your thing! Nathalie sounds like a pain in the ass. Nice review :)

  2. You know I really have found that I enjoy it when a character gets under my skin. I loathe them and detest every scene but yet I want to see what else they will do! Sounds like Nathalie did that for you!

  3. This isn't something I would usually go for either, but you definitely have me curious now. I could do with a fun read. Great review, Carly! :)


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