Saturday, 6 October 2012

Just Imagine by Pippa Goodhart & Nick Sharratt

My Review

Just Imagine is a wonderful book that has the most amazing illustrations, probably some of the best I have seen in kids picture books. They are big, bright, bold, randomly placed and each page is crammed full of  illustrations, each individual one tells a little story all of it's own. This is a very conversational book as it gives you some great ideas for you and your little one to build upon, kids will just love using their own imaginations to tell you their stories relating to the book. There is tons of fun and humour in this that will keep you smiling throughout. Although Just Imagine doesn't have many words, the talking points are great to get your little one to open up and get the little cogs in their minds turning overdrive. We would highly recommend this brilliant book to people who's imaginations need a little opening!

4/5 Stars

*Special thanks to Random House for the review copy*

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