Saturday, 8 September 2012

Odd Dog by Claudia Boldt

My Review

Odd Dog is quite a charming little book about a bit of a greedy little pup. We enjoyed the storyline and the illustrations although we think the the book needed an injection of colour as all the colours used were a little bland. We also like the little message within the book. The book is brilliantly written with lots of little humorous snippets to keep you smiling. Helmut himself is a bit of a silly dog but we were glad he managed to find himself a friend. 

Helmut is a bit of an odd dog, instead of the usual delicious doggy treats that other dogs drool over , he loves apples, which he grows himself in his garden. One day to his horror he discovers a terrible thing, the biggest juiciest apple on his tree looks like it's going to fall into his next door neighbours garden!! Oh no, what will greedy little Helmut do? Will he manage to save his perfect apple from the clutches of his neighbour?

Well the ending will put a smile on your face if nothing else. Helmut will be pleasantly surprised and will definitely not be expecting the outcome. We think Odd Dog is a great read that most will thoroughly enjoy reading for themselves!

*Special thanks to Random House for the review copy*

3/5 Stars

Carly :)

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  1. A dog who grows his own apples? I love! Great review, Carly. I'm glad you enjoyed this. :)


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