Wednesday, 29 August 2012

The Terrible Thing That Happened to Barnaby Brocket by John Boyne


There's nothing unusual about the Brockets. Normal, respectable, and proud of it, they turn up their noses at anyone strange or different. But from the moment Barnaby Brocket comes into the world, it's clear he's anything but ordinary. To his parents' horror, Barnaby defies the laws of gravity - and floats.

Desperate to please his parents, Barnaby does his best to keep both feet on the ground - but he just can't do it. One fateful day, the Brockets decide enough is enough. They never asked for a weird, abnormal, floating child. Barnaby has to go . . .

Betrayed, frightened and alone, Barnaby floats into the path of a very special hot air balloon - and so begins a magical journey around the world, with a cast of extraordinary new friends.
Hardcover: 288 pages 
Publisher: Doubleday Childrens (2 Aug 2012)

My Review

Aww, I adored this book, it really did give me a dose of the warm and fuzzies! This has a really simplistic if not a little silly storyline that had me grinning throughout. It is beautifully written and thoughtfully put together. I think Barnaby Brocket is a little superstar, he has had it hard in his short life but he doesn't let it get him down, he is a joy to get to know and and I will remember his adventures for a long time to come. The fabulous little illustrations are a real treat, I am a huge fan of Oliver Jeffers quirky work, so I was thrilled that  he illustrated this brilliant book.

Mr and Mrs Brocket are what you would call completely normal, whatever normal is! They live in a normal house, drive a normal car, have normal jobs and have 2 normal kids, but their normal lives are blown apart when they have their 3rd baby, Barnaby! Barnaby floats, defies the laws of gravity and Mr and Mrs Brocket are horrified! Poor little guy gets hidden from the public as much as possible and he feels a bit unwanted!

One day something horrible happens and poor little Barnaby just floats away into the sky, and that's the beginning of his wild adventures. Along the way Barnaby discovers so many interesting people, who a bit like himself are a bit different. He learns that people should just like him for being himself and he shouldn't have to change for anyone. The ending is a little bit of a shock but I was so pleased by how it all worked out.

Will Barnaby ever find his way back home? Will he even want to?

I think people of all ages will enjoy this book, it has a lot of little feel good messages throughout. You will be left feeling refreshed and a little floaty yourself.

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*I managed to win a signed copy of this on Twitter and I will treasure it for a long time to come*

4/5 Stars

Carly :)


  1. This sounds absolutely lovely, I think if I saw the cover I'd want to read it but after your review I know I definitely need to!

  2. I agree with Mandee! I love the cover art and your positive review has convinced me to pick this up one day. I'm glad you enjoyed it, Carly. Brilliant review! :)

  3. This book sounds adorable!


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