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Fallenmore by Lucy Swing - Blog Tour - Guest Post - Giveaway & Review

I am so happy to be hosting Lucy Swing here on Fiction Fascination today for the Fallenmore blog tour. A big hello *waves* and welcome to Lucy who has a wonderful guest post to share with us all today. -Enjoy :)

Author Bio

Lucy Swing lives in sunny Florida with her husband and two children. She is a YA Paranormal/ Romance writer, whose works include: Feathermore (Feathermore Trilogy #1 ), Fallenmore (Feathemore Trilogy #2) and Bloody Valentine, a vampire/witch novella.
She is an absolute book hoarder and must always have a book at arm’s length. Music is her muse, and there is always a soundtrack that plays along her life.

For more information on Lucy Swing please visit her website: http://www.LucySwing.com and the Feathermore Trilogy blog: http://www.feathermoretrilogy.blogspot.com


Guest Post

Thank you, Carly, for hosting me at Fiction Fascination! Today I am going to talk a little bit about what comes with being a self-published author. Also, don’t miss an excerpt from Fallenmore below!

Being Indie

By Lucy Swing

Our muses are anything but opportune.

Sometimes when you actually have the time, you make a big cup of coffee and sit down to write. But what happens? Oh, they want to be difficult and not cooperate with you and your needs. It makes our job that much harder.

In my case, being a self-published author, also plays against me in the scheme of things. For instance, one day I was complaining to my mother how little I was getting done on the re-writes of Fallenmore. To which she nonchalantly responded, “You can write when the kids go back to school in two months, you don’t have to do it right now.” I almost choked on whatever it was I was eating.

I guess people believe that because we don’t have a contract that pays upfront or no deadlines by an actual boss, that our writing can come and go. No, ma’am. I don’t see it like that at all. This is my livelihood. This is my job and I will treat it like any other job. Where you have to put in your daily ours of work, otherwise nothing would ever get done.

With traditional publishing, there are numerous things Indies don’t always get. One of them is editors. Publishing houses and agents have numerous editors working on one MS, making sure they catch every last mistake. Publishing traditionally could also take up to a year, if not more in some cases.

For us Indies, it doesn’t work the same way. We have to continually be bringing more work to the table. Not only to make our livelihood pay off, but because the more work you have out there will help people notice you more. Obviously, this doesn’t mean write a rushed book and publish as-is. No, no. Have someone, other than yourself, read it. Have betas to revise and help you with grammar, flow and the story line. You should never put your work out there unless you are certain it is great. Notice I didn’t say perfect, because let’s be honest, our work will never be perfect. You can read your own book 10 times, and each time, you will change, delete or add something.

I set my own deadlines. I work very hard and stress even more than traditional authors do. Well, I can’t be sure of the latter, but at least they get nice paychecks upfront and don’t have to publish a book in order to start seeing some profit. I am one that when I say I am doing something, I do it. And if I set a release day on one of my books, I have to make it. There’s no ifs and buts.

So, if you are thinking of self-pubbing, please work a little extra on your MS and make sure is the best you can make it. Don’t just publish to publish. Be proud of your work!

Read below for an excerpt of Fallenmore!

“What are you doing?” Blake’s voice came from somewhere in the staircase.

I froze a few feet away from the front door and turned, very slowly, to glare up at him. I extended my arm on my side and opened my hand. Like metal to a magnet, a pair of car keys came flying into the palm of my hand. Never once breaking eye contact, I responded, “To finish what I started.” Then I shot him a smile.

The front door swung open without me even touching it, but before I could reach it, Blake was before me; the door closing shut behind him. “No, you’re not.”

“Who—Do you—Think—You—Are?” My voice was low and guttural, something I had too, never experienced before. Then again, I was in uncharted territory now.

“You don’t want to do this. You’re not thinking clearly.” He lowered his voice, but I still heard what he said next. "I knew I should have kept the restraints on you." His hand wound up on my shoulder, the act was a mixture of warning and threat all wrapped up in one and in a blur of fast movements, I had him with his back on the hardwood floor.

He wasn’t going to tell me what to do. I’ve gone along with people doing that for far too long, and it was time for it to stop. “Claire should be expecting what’s coming for her.” I let go of him with one last shove and opened the door. There, on the driveway, was a silver BMW. “Nice car.” I said over my shoulder as I walked away. But, where was my Dad’s truck? My truck?!

“You don’t want to fall, Jade. Trust me.” He yelled from inside the house, but I wasn’t stopping. Nothing could stop me now.

“Oh, but I already fell. Maybe not literally,” I said softly, knowing he could hear me just fine even from several feet away, and I shrugged my shoulders, “but give me about an hour or so.” The car lights blinked twice and I heard the doors unlock.

“If you fall, it won’t be you anymore. He will own you and you have no idea what that is like. You will turn into someone completely different, and I’m sorry, but I can’t let you do it.”

He was suddenly right behind me with his arms around me, keeping my own arms at either side of my body. I wiggled in a futile attempt to get away from him, but it was no use, he wouldn’t budge. Unable to move away from him, I stilled, if he wanted a fight, he would get a fight. “You don’t want to do this, Jade. Not really.” That was all I heard before the darkness of the night that danced freely around us consumed me.”


   When darkness consumes you; will it be hard to find the light?

After Jade's world was torn apart, she is unsure of where she belongs, if anywhere at all. Deceived by those she trusted the most, she must now accept her fate and the life that lays before her.
The voices are back but this time, they are trying to lure her into the darkness. But could they be telling her the truth? That the only person she has been able to trust since the death of her boyfriend, Avan, is lying to her too? If the voices are right... Could she really trust him?

In Fallenmore, the second book in the Feathermore Trilogy, Jade will embark in a quest through the pits of Hell. The question now is: once she is in, will they ever let her out?




My Review

Fallenmore is the second book in the Feathermore trilogy and while I didn't quite enjoy it as much as the first book, it's still a really great instalment from Lucy Swing. It took me a good few chapters to get into this and I will admit to being a little confused at the start but once I got my bearings I was quickly hooked into this exciting world once again. We see a darker side to Jade in this book, which was definitely different but I'm not sure I like this all powerful Jade. I think Lucy Swing has taken things to another level and I really enjoy her writing style. Fallenmore is peppered with little twists and turns throughout which will keep you interested and dying to read on but again we see another killer cliffhanger ending, why oh why Lucy? lol!

Fallenmore leaves off after the major cliffhanger in Feathermore. Jade is still grieving the loss of Avan and she really would do anything to get him back. She tries to go about life as normal with the trusty Blake at her side, I love Blake by the way, he's such a cutie. But the dark side is always calling to Jade and when someone makes her an offer to get Avan back for something in return she keeps it hidden from Blake, it's not the only secret shes keeping either. Is it really too good to be true though? Well one doesn't make a deal with the devil for nothing and he will want his repayment...

The lead up to the ending is brilliant, lots of action and shockers but the cliffhanger is a little annoying. Jade finally realises who she loves, thank goodness and I am so happy with her realisation. Now I really can't wait for the final instalment in this trilogy, Lucy Swing really knows how to leave her readers begging for more...

*A big thanks to Lucy who provided a copy of Fallenmore for the blog tour*

4/5 Stars

Carly :)


  1. A very interesting post! It's always fascinating to hear about the work self-published authors have to do. Thanks for sharing the excerpt too! A lovely review too Carly. I'm glad you enjoyed the book.

  2. Thank you Carly for always being so supportive and for being a part of the blog tour. As usual, you rock!


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