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South Hills Sidekicks: Uninvited by Leah Spiegel & Meg Summers

When Alley started her senior year at Upper East High in the South Hills area, it was supposed to be the usual drag of hanging out with people who spent more on one outfit than Alley did on her entire wardrobe. That was until Kirsten, a girl in their clique, suddenly goes missing and the only people who seem to care are her friends. All evidence leads to the new comer Shane, a cocky and self-pretentious person in Alley’s opinion, but the police seem uninterested so she and the rest of the girls start a little investigation of their own. But they are nowhere closer to finding Kirsten than when they started and now they had the police’s attention; just not in the way they expected. The girls have to start over and discover that maybe it wasn’t an outsider who took Kirsten, but someone within their own clique who has something to hide; a secret that just might have gotten Kirsten killed.

Paperback, 260 pages
Published April 18th 2012 by CreateSpace (first published February 11th 2012) 

My Review

Uninvited is a fabulously fun kick-start to a new series! This was fresh, exciting and just what I needed. The characters are laugh out loud funny, they are spoilt rich girls who are used to getting things their own way, apart from main character Alley who is the most relate-able, down-to-earth out of the whole group. I loved the storyline, which was full of mystery and who dun-it's at every turn. The book is beautifully written and put together and I am so glad I got the opportunity to read this brilliant first instalment.

Alley thought senior year at high school was going to be the usual old drag! But she really couldn't have been more wrong, Kristen, one of her group of friends mysteriously goes missing! Alley seems to think that all fingers point to the full-of-himself new guy Shane. Alley has seen him following her around in his van, which is really creeping her out! So Alley and her friends report this to the police, who seem really uninterested in what they have to say about Shane.

So the little miss rich girls and Alley take matters into their own hands and do a little digging into Shane's life on their own. It's fair to say they are shocked to say the least at the results. The girls are then forced to delve into more dangerous territory, they realize the kidnapper might actually be someone they trust, part of their inner circle of friends.

The ending of the book was exciting, I suspected everybody and I was quite surprised in the end. Val, Alley's best-friend is the most outrageously funny person in the book, I think she really gave the book that extra sparkle. She is a little ditzy, accident prone and she likes to get in peoples faces, it's up to Alley a lot of the time to reign her in. I also loved Alley's dog Buddy, he was a really pleasant addition to the book. I really can't wait to get my paws on the next book in the South Hills Sidekicks series.

4/5 Stars

Carly :)

*Special thanks to the authors for the review copy* 


  1. Great review, Carly - this really does sound fun! I am a big fan of high school kids turning into investigators/sleuths!

  2. This really does sound like a lot of fun! The characters seem like an entertaining bunch. Great review, Carly! I'll have to check this out. :)


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