Saturday, 14 July 2012

My Big Shouting Day by Rebecca Patterson

"Yesterday I woke up and Bob was crawling around MY ROOM, licking MY JEWELLERY, so I shouted GET OUT OF MY ROOM! and that was the start of MY BIG SHOUTING DAY..."

Bella is having one of those days - her biscuit is broken, she has a hurting foot and ballet is TOOOO itchy for words. All she can do is shout! But by the end of the day, when she's all tired out from being shouty, Bella knows there's one magic word and one magic mummy to make things better again...

My Review

Oh my goodness, I think this was written just for my daughter, who doesn't know how NOT to shout! We simply adored this little book with it's fabulously bold, colourful illustrations and it's brilliant storyline that has a wonderful little message. I think this book is a must read for shouty little people everywhere!

Bella is having a really bad day, that starts off when she shouts at her little brother Bob! Everything from then on in goes terribly wrong and Bella turns into a little nightmare shouting all day long about things. But every bad day has to come to an end sometime and with the magic word 'sorry', a hug from mum and a bedtime story, things really do start looking up for little Bella.

My Big Shouting Day has tons of humour that will have you laughing out loud throughout. There are moments when Bella is being a little naughty, I would look at my daughter and say "you wouldn't do things like that would you?" and she would say "no way" while having to think about it first. So it gave my daughter something to think about anyway! This is definitely one that will be read again and again!

5/5 Stars

*Special thanks to Random House for the review copy*

Carly :)

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  1. Isn't that cover just hilarious? :D This sounds like a fun childrens book! I'm glad you and your daughter had a good time reading it. :)


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