Monday, 30 July 2012

Devilish by Maureen Johnson‏


Wickedly funny high school satire - what would you give to be popular? Ally and Jane may not be that popular but they're good friends...that is until they each get allocated a freshman, a 'little' to show the ropes to at school. Cracks begin to show as Ally changes into a whole different person, literally overnight. She's dressed better, making new friends, and ditching Jane more and more. But Ally's transformation has its price. And it's up to Jane to save her former BF from a ponytail-wearing, cupcake-nibbling devil in disguise!

Paperback, 288 pages
Published June 7th 2012 by HarperCollins Childrens books (first published September 7th 2006) 
My Review

Devilish is a book I picked up just to have a little flick through while deciding on what to read next, I read the first page sitting on my bedroom floor and half a book later I was still sitting in the same position on the floor, so it's fair to say this book definitely hooked me from the first page. There is a highly entertaining, fun storyline that is full of weirdness, silliness and lots of snark. Maureen Johnson's writing style is brilliantly engaging and will have you flipping through those chapters in no time. I instantly liked main character, Ally, she is fun, down-to-earth, intelligent and she casually does to cool for school without even trying. I read this book in two quick sittings and the end came all too soon Devilish is definitely worth a read!

Jane and Ally have been best-friends for a long time, they are complete opposites though, Ally is popular(ish), smart and quirky, Jane is a little dull, not as intelligent as her friend and definitely not as popular, she actually is a little socially awkward. There is a new younger kid at school, Jane shows her the ropes and that's when Ally starts to notice a chance in her friend.

Jane starts acting differently, she becomes more confident, starts wearing better clothes and starts making new friends - very un-Jane like behavior. But everything comes at a very high price and it's left up to Ally to uncover the unexpected truth and try and put a stop to a cupcake bearing devil, before it's too late...

The ending clinched it for me, it really was expectantly brilliant. Devilish is one of them books that is just plain fun and will definitely put a smile on your face, what more could you ask for?

*Special thanks to HarperCollinsChildrensBooks for the review copy*

4/5 Stars

Carly :) 


  1. Well I can't argue that the book is not good when a pregnant woman can sit on her floor enraptured and read the whole first half of a book. It sounds like lots of fun and I like the cover! I will have to try and check it out!

  2. I haven't thought about this book in a while so I was really happy to see it pop up on your blog! I am glad you enjoyed it, I like all of Maureen's books and thought this was very fun! Great review, Carly!


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