Monday, 25 June 2012

The Somethingosaur by Tony Mitton

A unique take on the ′Where′s My Mummy′ scenario in which an egg crackles open and out steps a little creature - the Somethingosaur. He searches for his mum among the dinosaurs but she′s nowhere to be found. But is the Somethingosaur really a dinosaur... or something even more exciting? And will he ever find his family and home?

A warm, funny and jaunty rhyming text ,full of adventure, that′s great to read aloud.

Ages 2-4

My Review

Aww, I have to say I have absolutely fell in love with this heartfelt, super-cute little book! What a winner it is, it has brilliantly bright and cheerful illustrations, a wonderful storyline that rhymes and flows, which I have to say is fabulous (I love a book that rhymes). My daughter instantly loved little something and this has quickly become her new favourite bed-time book! Definitely a must read book for any little or old one.

An egg hatches in the middle of nowhere and the little guy inside has no idea where his mummy is! So he starts to look for her himself, he meets lots of big dinosaurs along the way, but none of them are his mummy. Poor little somethingasaur doesn't know what to do, so the brave little guy travels where no dinosaur has ever gone before! But will he ever find out what he is or where his mummy is?

I simply adored the ending, it was another aww moment! I really can not praise this charming little book enough, I just urge everyone to put this on your child's bookshelf today as it really will be read again and again!

5/5 Stars

*Special thanks to HarperCollinsChildrensBooks for the review copy*

Carly :)


  1. This sounds very sweet! There's just something about books that rhyme, right? I'm glad you liked this! :)

  2. This reminds me of a book I read to my kids, Are You My Mother. This sounds adorable with the rhyme and the creative character!


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