Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The Frank Show by David Mackintosh

There’s more to Frank than meets the eye…

A quirky, witty and utterly brilliant new picture book from the creator of Marshall Armstrong is New to our School.

Frank is your typical grandad, but no one has a grandad like him…

If you had to stand up and talk, for one whole minute, about a member of your family, who would you pick? Everyone else chooses really cool people, like Tom’s Uncle Marlon who plays drums in a band, or Hannah’s mum with her company car. But there’s nothing cool about grandad Frank… or is there?

My Review

The Frank Show is a fabulously illustrated book that is bold, quirky, colourful and attractive to look at. The storyline is brilliant and I'm pretty sure true for a lot of little people out there. My daughter (4) really enjoyed this one and it held her attention throughout. 

The kids in school have to talk for a full minute about someone in their family. The boy asks his mum and dad if he can talk about them, but they are too busy. So the only person left to talk about is his granddad Frank and he is only an old boring granddad. 

The book has a fab little message, even though the boy thinks Frank is boring others don't and he ends up being the star of the show. Everyone thinks Frank is so interesting and when he talks about old times, they find out that he was a real hero. The boy's best-friend Tom ends up wanting to come over just to see Frank again.

You might wonder why I keep saying the boy, well no name was given for him and it really done my head in but my daughter never even noticed. Overall a wonderful little book that will be read again and again. I think most will enjoy this but especially the boys.

4/5 Stars

Carly :)

*special thanks to HarperCollinsChildrensBooks for the review copy*


  1. Oh, this looks sweet, Carly! I'll have to hunt down a copy of this for the little people in my family! :)

  2. Oh! a book where the main character has no name? Awesome! This sounds like a fun book! Sweet review Carly!

  3. Ahh this sounds so cute. I think the most important message is cherish your grandparents. I sure miss mine! Everyday. I am so grateful that they were such a big part of my life. Just writing this I am getting teary. I am going to hunt down a copy! Thanks, Carly!

  4. Sounds lovely! I think it would do my head in too though if I didn't know the main character's name. ;) Other than that, I like the sound of this. Amazing review, Carly!


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