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The Earth Painter by Melissa Lee - Blog Tour - Guest Post

The Earth Painter 
By Melissa Lee

Genre: Paranormal YA

The Sculptor was alone. The world was gray, as it always had been.

And then the Sculptor said, “It is time…

Time for color,

Time for more,

The beginning.”

With a word, three sculptures became aware. And they needed to paint.

There was Ocean, Sky, Land, and Life all painted into place.

Then it ended, just as quickly as it started. Then the painters were no longer needed.

But they were still…AWARE.

And it was in this awareness that the battle began. And continues.

When a self-conscious young woman discovers the boy in drama class is actually the immortal who painted the world into being, she becomes the target of another painter who could shatter not only her new sense of hope, but her world, as well.

Author Bio

Melissa Lee is a wife and stay-at-home-mom of 3 young boys. She’s been making up stories in her head for as long as she can remember but only got serious about it in 2007, after reading Twilight and rediscovering her own dreams to write.

Finally, she put her Journalism degree to use and started writing and hasn’t stopped since. She has studied fiction writing at various conferences, and from numerous writing coaches.

She signed her first contract with Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing in 2011.


Now I am pleased to welcome Melissa Lee to Fiction Fascination. Below is her fun guest post for you all to enjoy :)

Guest Post

I always dreamed of being published. It sounds so glamorous to say, “I’m an author.”

So the day my book, The Earth Painter, released, I sought a unique way to celebrate. I found it too with the help of my 6yr old son. He started the party by putting an extreme amount of tissue in the toilet before flushing and screaming. Then I celebrated by running to find out why he was screaming. The party was just getting started as I threw down towels, put on rubber gloves, plunged the toilet, bleached the entire bathroom, along with the towels and the basket they traveled to the washing machine in. I had to wonder if that was how Stephenie Meyer celebrated her last book release. I somehow doubt it.

If I’ve spoiled your idea of what being an author is really like, I’m so sorry. Becoming an author hasn’t made me a millionaire thus far. Not even a dollarnaire. But it’s still thrilling to have my characters come to life in someone else’s imagination. To get emails and messages from women who are in love with a made up person who lives in my head. I love to hear from readers who say they can just see the events clearly in their mind as they read. That people I made up are their new best friends.

So in many ways being able to say, “I’m an author,” really is life changing. Even if I still have to plunge my own toilets. 


  1. This book sounds brilliant, so have put it straight on my to-read list! (love the foundation it stems from...really different)

  2. Ha! What a way to celebrate :) Fun guest post!

  3. Haha! Thanks for the guest post. ;) I'm sure the best part of being an author is hearing the reaction from the readers.. whether you have to plunge your own toilets or not. ;)

  4. It's very interesting book,I put it on my list to read.

  5. Ha ha! The glamorous life of an author...NOT the way you want to celebrate your big day. I bet you won't forget it either. It made me laugh. This book sounds so unique and different!


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