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The Pineville Heist by Lee Chambers


Will Aaron Stevens survive the night of the Pineville Heist?

Seventeen year old Aaron stumbles into the aftermath of a five million dollar bank heist gone wrong. Hiding under a canoe, Aaron partially catches the murder of one of the robbers. In the chaos he sneaks away with the money and heads straight for the closest place of safety, his high school. Terrified, Aaron tells his shocking tale to Amanda Becker, his drama teacher, but it doesn’t take long for one of the psychotic robbers to show up. In the locked down school the pair are relentlessly pursued in a quest to get the money back and wipe out the evidence.

The Pineville Heist, based on the award-winning screenplay by Lee Chambers and Todd Gordon, "is a young adult thriller with a slick plot, believable characters, and a breakneck pace that will no doubt appeal to adults as much as teens," noted Walleye Magazine's Amy Jones. "An enthusiatic five stars!"

"The Pineville Heist is the very definition of thrill, energized with edge-of-your-seat action and suspense!" claims US Review of Books reviewer Mihir Shah.

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Paperback: 194 pages 
Publisher: MISFP (October 4, 2011)

My Review

The Pineville Heist is a super fast paced, action packed, to the point read. I was glued to the pages from start to finish and even managed to finish the book in one sitting. It was tense, surprising at every twist and turn and had me on the edge of my seat throughout. Lee Chambers has done an exceptional job with this thrilling read.

Aaron is the seventeen year old son of the most richest and most powerful man in Pineville. That doesn't really sit well with people as his dad is public enemy number one, he is planning to close down the Mill, the biggest employer in Pineville.

Aaron happens upon some men in the forest, when walking through with his two friends. The men are re-grouping from a muli-million pound bank robbery. The teenagers witness a shooting and are discovered by the men. They scatter in all directions, Aaron running to the closest safe place he can think of, the High-school.

Aaron belts in through the door and tells the nearest person, who just so happens to be his English teacher Miss Becker. She immediately calls the police and that's when things take a turn for the worst. Aaron and Miss Becker are relentlessly pursued for the missing money, which Aaron just so happened to take with him from the scene in the forest.

 I really don't want to give too much away as the details really are shocking. The ending is fantastic, talk about a double whammy.

I loved the Pineville Heist and I think most people will too. Add it to your Goodreads shelf today or buy it on Amazon.

My favourite character has to be the main one:

Aaron - What a trooper, he went from being a boy to being a man all in the space of one night. He was strong, fearless, intelligent and he cared and looked after the people around him. He went on such a journey throughout the book.

5/5 Stars

Carly :)

*Special thanks goes out to Lee Chambers for the review copy.*


  1. This sounds pretty cool! I love stories that move at a fast pace and have some great action. I'm glad you enjoyed it, Carly! awesome review as always. :)

  2. This book sounds like all kinds of fun! I am super curious about the ending! Great review Carly.

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