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Lust On The Rocks by Dianne Venetta


She has what he needs, and he won't stop until he gets it. Trouble is, what begins as a matter of death, becomes a matter of life.

One case away from partnership, Samantha Rawlings is forced to share her high-profile case with a sexy younger man, whose eyes are on a different prize. In the best interests of her client, Sam opens the door to his strategy. Turns out, a little too far...

Victor Marin has ulterior motives. The defendant in her case holds the key to his revenge and his last chance for justice. But as he chases old demons, he uncovers a powerful woman with no inhibitions, one he wants to possess for himself. But decidedly single, Sam wants no part.

Until Vic walks away.

My Review

Lust On The Rocks is a top class read. it took me quite some time to read it, simply because I snuggled up in bed with it at night and savoured every delicious detail. It was brilliantly written and had a really well thought out, engaging storyline. It had a real mix of emotions throughout, which I think made it a truly enjoyable read.

Sam Rawlings is a powerhouse of a woman, she is in a high profile job as a lawyer and is one case away from becoming a partner in the firm. Her boss wants her to share her hi-profile case with the new guy, Vic. But Vic has a secret, he is personally linked to the Perry case. 

Sam is the type of woman who won't be tied down by a relationship or children. She is completely career driven and that's the way she likes it. But when Vic start to spend more time with her, the sparks start to fly. Things definitely hot up between the pair and there are feelings involved, which comes as quite a shock for Sam. But will Sam still feel the same when Vic's secret is revealed? She knows somethings up.

This is quite an in-depth, complex storyline, there is the Sam & Vic love affair, the on going case that they are working on and Sam's little sister Jess becomes pregnant at a young age and Sam has to help her deal with that. I especially love the back-round story of Jess' pregnancy, it was handled and written perfectly.

The ending really was fantastic as everything played out well and I was really pleased for everyone involved. Lust On The Rocks is one of them books that you could go back & read over & over again. I will definitely be looking out for more works from Dianne Venetta.

My favourite characters:

Sam - I love Sam, she is one tough cookie, she is extremely intelligent and knows what she wants out of life. I love her playful personality and the kindness she shows the people she cares about.

Jess - She was such an interesting character to read about and I would love to know more about her. She was moody and acted more like a teenager instead of a twenty-one year old. But she had allot to go through and I think she handled things quite well.

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*Special thanks to Dianne for the review copy*

4/5 Stars

Carly :)


  1. I don't read much romance, but this sounds like a delcious read as you described it. I am interested to read about the teenage pregnancy story line. Great review Carly!

  2. Sounds interesting! You always find more books to add to my pile, Carly. ;) Great review! Sam definitely sounds like a character I might enjoy reading about - I love the tough chicks.

  3. Thanks for taking the time with Sam, Jess and Vic! They are fun, aren't they?


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