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The Fame Game by Lauren Conrad


In Hollywood, fame can be found on every corner and behind any door. You just have to know where to look for it. Nineteen-year-old Madison Parker made a name for herself as best frenemy of nice-girl-next-door Jane Roberts on the hot reality show L.A. Candy. Now Madison's ready for her turn in the spotlight and she'll stop at nothing to get it. Sure, she's the star of a new show, but with backstabbing friends and suspicious family members trying to bring her down, Madison has her work cut out for her. Plus, there's a new nice girl in "reality" town—aspiring actress Carmen Price, the daughter of Hollywood royalty—and she's a lot more experienced at playing the fame game... When the camera's start rolling, whose star will shine brighter?

Filled with characters both familiar and new, Lauren Conrad's series about the highs and lows of being famous delivers Hollywood gossip and drama at every turn.

  • Hardcover: 320 pages
  • Publisher: HarperCollins (3 April 2012)
My Review

The Fame Game is not something I would usually pick up but I am so glad I did, it is an all round fun read. I loved all the bitching and backstabbing and also the love/hate characters. I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Fame Game and I think most people will too.

The Fame Game is going to be a new reality show on POP T.V. It will bring together four girls that are trying to make it big in Hollywood. On the show will be: Madison Parker, who has been seen on L.A. Candy & Madison's Makeovers. Carmen Curtis, who is the daughter of Hollywood royalty. Kate Hayes, who is a waitress in a coffee shop and an aspiring musician. She attends open mike nights and has big You Tube hits on her song covers.And Gaby, who doesn't do very much, she was in L.A. Candy with Madison.

All four girls are thrown together and as you can imagine attitudes take over, between Madison and Carmen especially, they don't like each other at all. Kate is not used to the high life and everything it entails.

There is allot going on behind the scenes of the filming of the show, Madison's sister makes an appearance with their long lost dad, which is a complete nightmare. Kate has a love interest with a guy called Luke (who is an actor) but his agent says she will be bad for his career, so he doesn't correct the rumours that he is dating co-star Carmen Curtis. And Gaby is just Gaby, she can't do anything right and isn't really that bright.

I loved the ending of the book, Madison who I had a love/hate relationship with, I ended up really liking her character. I cannot wait to read what happens in the next instalment of The Fame Game, when the show airs and the girls are thrust into the limelight. What more bitching and lies will go on when the four girls are paired off against each other?

My favourite characters:

Kate: She is down to earth, likeable and totally relatable. She has a regular job and is working her butt off to try and make something out of her life, with her music. She is normal and not used to the Hollywood lifestyle, but could it change her in future books?

Madison: As I said before she is a love to hate character. She is the ultimate bitch and looks down on everyone and everything. But we see a crack in Madison Parker's armour and see her softer side poking through. The book really wouldn't be the same without her in it.

*Special thanks to HarperCollins for the review copy*

4/5 Stars

Carly :)


  1. Brilliant review, Carly. I wouldn't go for a book like this either, but it does sounds like a lot of fun! Maybe a bit like a guilty pleasure. :)

  2. I am not sure this is a book I would normally read either, On the other hand, I did for the most part enjoy Beauty Queens. I imagine just reading this for the pop culture references would be fun.

  3. is this book after the other 3? i just finished l.a candy, sweet little lies, and i am now reading the last few chapters of sugar and spice.


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