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Eat Slay Love by Jesse Petersen

Sarah and David have survived the zombie apocalypse. They stood side by side and fought the undead, mad scientists, and even bionic monsters until the unthinkable happened. A zombie bite. But not even that could stop them. Now, with a possible cure in hand, they're headed east, looking for a safe zone behind the rumored "Wall." They're feeling pretty optimistic.

That is until Dave stops sleeping and starts lifting huge objects.

Eat. Slay. Love.
Because they haven't got a prayer

Paperback, 277 pages
Published by Simon & Schuster (first published July 1st 2011) 

My review

Eat Slay Love is a highly funny, super fast paced, action packed thriller of a read. This is book 3 in the series and the first I have read, so you could pick up the series at any book. Jesse Petersen's witty, sarcastic and very snappy writing is fantastic and like nothing I have ever read before. 

Sarah and David are in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. They are en route to the Mid West Wall, in the hopes of finding civilisation. The pair kept me entertained throughout, they work perfect as a team, fighting of hordes of zombies, that are always trying to take a bite of them.

Dave was bitten in the last book and cured, but lately Sarah has noticed some super freaky powers that Dave has going on. On their travels they are captured, meet a reported girl called Nicole, who Sarah started out being jealous of, then warmed up to and also met a rock & roll star with an addiction, who they let tag along for the ride.

Can they make it to the wall in one piece? Are the stories even true about the wall?

There is disappointment for Sarah & Dave at the end, but the book has been left wide open, so I really hope there will be another instalment. 
This is the best zombie book I have ever read. There were aww moments, eww moments, run for your life moments and laugh out loud funny moments throughout.

The characters really made the book for me, their dialogue and personalities are definitely memorable. I am now going to go back and read the series from the start.

If you want a hilarious, gross, cute, quick read with some mindless brain eating zombies and a kick ass couple, the Eat Slay Love is the book for you.

Some of my favourite quotes:

"That was how people became zombie sandwiches."

"That was badass and suddenly I felt like Avril Lavigne in all her fakeitude standing next to a real punk rocker."

"She hadn't been flossing, that much was more than clear. Her dentist was going to be pissed."

"You know, normally I'd feel badly about killing a kid, even though we had to do it from time to time and it wasn't anything personal. But this kid had a Justin Bieber haircut, so I actually smiled as Dave thunked his shovel into the boy's neck."

*Special thanks to Simon & Schuster for the review copy*

4/5 Stars

Carly :)


  1. Brilliant review, Carly! I won a copy of a set of Jesse Petersen books and can't wait to get round to this one soon. :) I'm glad you enjoyed it. A hilarious book about zombies sounds like a fun read.

  2. I have Married With Zombies, but haven't gotten around to reading it yet. :D The series sounds so awesome though.

  3. This is a series that I want to check out. The quotes you posted were great. I need to try this soon!

  4. I have never started a series in the middle of it, but if you say it wont ruin anything I might give this book a shot. Your review makes it sound really funny. Thanks for sharing :)


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