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Death by Chocolate Anthology - Blog Tour

Death by Chocolate

Death by Chocolate is the paranormal young adult romance anthology. Six authors, Stacey Wallace Benefiel, Cheryl J. Carvajal, Nikki Jefford, Lucy Swing, Kira Saito and Suz Korb, bring you supernatural adventure stories, each with a cocoa twist. The stories are: Back in Time by Stacey Wallace Benefiel, Sweet Witchery by Cheryl J. Carvajal, Spellbound by Nikki Jefford, Bloody Valentine by Lucy Swing, Sweet Torture by Kira Saito and The Girl with Three Heads by Suz Korb. Time travel, witchcraft, terror, agony and light hearted comedy too. Combined with more than just a hint of enchantment, these stories are the ingredients for the Death by Chocolate recipe of romance.

My Review

 The Death by Chocolate anthology is such a fun read. The authors & books involved are:

Stacey Wallace Benefiel - BACK IN TIME
Cheryl J. Carvajal -  SWEET WITCHERY 
Nikki Jefford - SPELLBOUND

Each author brings something unique to the table. The theme as I am sure you have guessed is chocolate. All the short stories are so different from each other, they are all extremely well written and thought out. I laughed out loud at alot of the different silly happenings throughout the stories.  There is something that I love in each of them.

My favourite short story has to be Back In Time by Stacey Wallace Benefiel. I just loved the simple plot line in this one & of course the twist. All the stories have a devilish supernatural twist, which makes them all the more interesting. I like some of the stories more than others, but saying that I would love to read them all individually as novels.

I don't usually like anthology's in general, but this one is so different and definitely entertaining. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. All the authors have done an amazing job with this anthology, I would recommend Death by Chocolate to everyone of all ages. Put Death by Chocolate on your wishlist today if you are looking a really fun read. 

Also a big thank-you for the review copy :)

4/5 Stars


A big hello & welcome to Lucy Swing who is going to be guest blogging today on Fiction Fascination. 

Author Bio

My name is Lucy Swing and I am a YA Paranormal/ Romance author. I was originally born in Argentine, from Italian descent, and moved to the Sunny state of Florida when I was 17.

Thanks to my mother, who reads as much as me – if not more, I became a fanatic of books. I first remember enjoying everything that was stamped with R.L. Stine (Fear Street and Goosebumps) Then I went on to the likes of Danielle Steel and Nora Roberts, thanks to my mom. But I am happy to say that I have finally found MY genre and that is, of course, YA. 

I am an absolute book hoarder and must always have a book at arms distance. Music is my muse, and there is always a soundtrack that plays along my life.

I have just finished my first book, "Feathermore" (first of many!) and I am also a part of "Death by Chocolate," an anthology consisting of 6 fantastic YA short stories with a chocolaty twist. Death by Chocolate will be released on February 14th, 2012!

I live in Naples, FL with my husband, our two wild children and two even wilder pups!

Lucy's Guest Post

My lovely Carly. I adore you for hosting me today, so thank you very much!
We are all book addicts here, right? Raise your hand. *waits patiently* Woah! Everyone raised their hands… awesome!
I am one of those that live for the romance in YA. Hot guys that make your heart melt, that always seem to know the right thing to do or say. Therefore, I figured I would share with you all my Top 3 Hottest Male MC’s… Now, who is ready!? I know I am. *wipes drool*
Let the countdown begin!

3. Tie between Daniel Grigori and Cam Briel – From “The Fallen” series by Lauren Kate.
I couldn’t make up my mind on this one. I love Cam because he is dark and mysterious, and although he is on the evil side, I can’t help but love him still. And then we have Daniel, sweet and loving Daniel. He is the opposite of Cam, not only in looks, but demeanor.
(Chase Crawford as Daniel and Ian Somerhalder as Cam)

 2. James Stark – From “House of Night” series by P.C. and Kristin Cast.

“Stark was cute. He was medium tall, […] He was kinda on the thin side, but I could see muscles through his old T-shirt, and his arms were definitely yummy. He had cute, messy guy hair, that sandy color between blond and brown. His face was okay, too, with a strong chin, straight nose, big brown eyes, and nice lips. So, dissected into separate parts, Stark was an okay-looking kid. As I watched him, I realized that what took him from meh to hot was his intensity and his confidence. He moved like everything he did was deliberate, but that the deliberateness was tinged with sarcasm. It was like he was a part of the world, and at the same time he was flipping it off.”

Okay, so he doesn’t sound so hot in the description, but it is more of how he is and how he acts that makes him so hot! I mean, if you had a Guardian, your own Warrior, that was so devoted to you and loved you above all… and had such snarky comments, you’d be in love too. *Le Sigh* (Model Sam Lawson)

 1. Damen Auguste – From the Immortal series by Alyson Noel.

“And it’s not because Damen is undeniably beautiful, with his shiny dark hair that hits just shy of his shoulders and curves around his high-sculpted cheekbones, but when he looks at me, when he lifts his dark sunglasses and meets my gaze, I see that his almond shaped eyes are deep, dark, and strangely familiar, framed by lashes so lush they almost seem fake. And his lips! His lips are ripe and inviting with a perfect Cupid’s bow. And the body that holds it all up is long, lean, tight, and clad in all black.”

Now, I have NO idea who this hottie McHot is, but oh my… he is to die for! (If anyone knows his name, hook a sister up!)




  1. I lost all train of thought as soon as I saw Chase Crawford and Ian Somerhalder! ;) Great choices! :D

    I love this post. Thanks for review, Carly, and the amazing guest post from Lucy. :D

  2. Fun guest post Carly...this books sounds great! How yummy a book on chocolate.


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