Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Future King by Larry Pontius

From Goodreads:

Set in the day after tomorrow, Future King brings to life the legend that King Arthur will return from Avalon when England needs him.

Paperback, 308 pages
Published August 30th 2011 by CreateSpace 

Future King is a very interesting read, it is superbly written and the plot-line has plenty of twists and turns. I really did enjoy reading Future King, special thanks to Larry Pontius for sending me over a review copy.

The storyline brings an old legend (which is very real) into the modern day world, which I think is genius. The legend says 'When England needs him most King Arthur will return from Avalon.' Well England is definitely in a crisis, King Charles refuses prime minster Saxton, when he asks him to sign The Emergency Powers Act, from then things go downhill for the royal family. 

Saxton has all the military and lots of important people in his pocket, so together they they set their previously discussed plan into motion. King Charles, The Queen Consort Camilla, Prince William and Katherine are all kidnapped, only Prince Harry manages to escape.

The story follows Prince Harry's adventures, to escape and evade those who are desperately trying to seek him out. He meets a lady called Vivian in McDonald's, who recognizes who he is. Together they set off in her mini Cooper with a man they just met, who just so happens to be called Merlyn. They all head off (on Merlyn's direction) to pick up a man named Arthur. 

Everything picks up pace from here on in and the storyline progresses brilliantly. The strange little band of people with Prince Harry, get the unlikely aid of some very old retired veterans, who I loved reading about, they are brave, courageous and were laugh out loud funny, they were all arguing with each other and pulling rank.

The ending of the book was also fantastic, I loved the way everyone pulled together for the one common goal. Larry Pontius put a little bit in at the end of the book, telling us what happens to each key person after the story, which I am so glad he did as it would of annoyed me not knowing lol

Camilla's character is brilliant, one of my favourites in the book. She is fun, very intelligent and had a great sense of humour, which to me is the opposite of the way I imagine the real Camilla to me in real life.

All in all a very interesting twist on an old legend in the modern world. I would definitely recommend future king.

The only one thing for me, there were so many names and rank of people from the military, I found it hard to remember who everyone was, but that is probably just me, I am terrible with lots of names and places.

4/5 Stars

Carly :)

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