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Fire Mage (Blacklight Chronicles #1) By John Forrester

From Goodreads:

For centuries, mages perfected magic at the Order of the Dawn. Mastery over fire, wind, and storm. They live in the last free city in a world plagued by dark sorcerers.

Talis Storm and friend Mara discover a terrible secret. The Jiserian Empire has targeted their city for attack. An army of undead soldiers. Flying necromancers. None have ever survived.

When a surprise aerial invasion hits the Order’s temple, Talis casts fire magic for the first time. But his spell is wild and does more harm than good. Sorcerers try to capture Talis and Mara. They flee into the temple crypts. Awoken from an ancient rest, a fallen champion slays the sorcerers and gives Talis a legendary map. The map leads them on a quest to discover the lost temple of the sun.

To save his city, Talis must discover the power of magic locked away inside the ancient temple. And become a true fire mage.

Paperback, 178 pages
Published November 11th 2011 by Amber Muse 
Genre: YA/ Fantasy

My Review

Fire Mage is a fast paced, action packed light read. I devoured it very quickly and was glued to the pages. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Fire Mage, I only wished it was longer.

The story follows Talis Storm and his best friend Mara. Their parents aren't on the greatest of terms and it has an impact on their friendship. When the pair go hunting together and Mara is seriously hurt, her parents put a ban on them seeing each other.

Mara finally recovers from her injury. One night the city of Naru becomes under attack by the Jiserian Empire. With their dark sorcery, they nearly destroy the city. Talis and Mara stumble upon a secret map in the crypts of the temple.

They bring the map to the elders of the city, they think it is The Gods way of trying to save them. They pack Talis off with a small army, to find out Where the map leads. They set out on horseback, Talis soon discovers that Mara is with them in disguise. Rikar and Nikulo are also with them, they don't get along with Talis, they seem to look down on him all the time.

Talis still can't do magic, he has been training, like the others. When he eventually does magic for the first time, it is so dangerously powerful it's scary.
On their travels they are attacked by the Jiserian dead, controlled by necromancers. Talis,Mara, Rikar and Nikulo survive the attack, but that's all there is left of their army.

They meet two sisters and their father and agree to travel with them a short distance. They stop for a while in a little village to get out of a raging storm. Very strange things happen that night. Talis discovers that someone travelling with them is not all they seem.
The ending of the book, I was not expecting. It left me dying to know what is going to happen to this brave little group, who are in terrible danger.
This book is very well written and to the point. Some of the characters are dark and mysterious and some are brave and courageous, a perfect mix. I cannot wait to read what is coming up next in the amazing Blacklight Chronicles.

A special thanks to John Forrester for sending me over a review copy.

My favourite character has to be Mara, she is fearless, speaks her mind, and would would fight to the death for her best friend Talis and vice versa.

4/5 stars for me

Carly :)

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