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Silverbirch; A Tear in the Fabric of the Night Sky by Rob Kaay

Product Description 

By eating an extremely rare mushroom that has a red lightning bolt image naturally built-in to its black-gilled underbelly, Nudge discovers he can create a tear in the fabric of the night sky that will allow his soul to legally leave Earth and enter Silverbirch.

Paperback, 240 pages
Published October 28th 2009 by Robkaay Publishing


Well, where to start, I really loved reading this book. Rob Kaay really did bring something very unique to the table, the writing is genius, like nothing I have ever read before. Fast-paced, action packed plot-line, with interesting characters that had me laughing out loud. I am so glad I got the opportunity to read Silverbirch.

The story starts at main character Nudge's 9th birthday party. They are playing Cowboys and Indians, Nudge, his best friend Chase, the girl he has a crush on Hayley, bully boy Dieter, who is only with the group because his mum and Nudge's are friends and Zoe, who's mum and partner just got murdered.

Dieter gets his foot stuck in a hole in the floor, in the old run down house next door. They manage to get his foot free, in the hole is a tin box with a red lightning bolt on the lid and a bag of mushrooms. Everything happens so fast, Zoe gets struck by lightening and dies and Dieter runs off with the bag of mushrooms.

Chase runs to hide the tin box with the red lightening bolt on the lid.The kids know that from that day on things will never be the same.

Approximately 20 years later they all meet again, at Hayley's birthday party. Hayley, Chase, Dieter and Nudge. Dieter brings up what happened to them when they were kids, he believes everything that was written in the pages in the tin with the red lightening bolt on the lid. He believes there is a place called Silverbirch and that Silvers are waiting to take control of humans that loose control of themselves.The others try to laugh it off, but deep down they know something very wrong is going on.

Everything changes when Dieter shows Nudge how to use the mushrooms properly. He jumps into the tear in the fabric of the night sky, into Silverbirch. Things are manic from then on in, with Hayley being kidnapped, lots of possession from the Silvers, Chase goes into Silverbirch, because to open the gateway two people must be present and one person must enter the gateway into Silverbirch.

There is so much action and goings on in this book, I don't want to give to much away. The ending was amazing, the last section actually, everything falls into place and I can tell you it is an amazingly thought out storyline. When I closed the book I was dying to read and know more.

If you want a light, fast paced, action packed, funny, brilliantly written, unique read with tons of twists and turns then Silverbirch is the book for you. Put it on your wishlist today, you will not be disappointed. I can't believe more people haven't picked up this wonderful book.

I really do hope there is a sequel.

4/5 Stars

Carly :)

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