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Interview with Nicola E. Sheridan and E-book giveaway of Magical Gains

I would like to say a big hello and welcome to Nicola E. Sheridan, who was kind enough to drop by Fiction Fascination and do an interview. We also have a chance for one lucky person to win an e-copy of her fantastic novel MAGICAL GAINS.

A Little Bit About The Author

Nicola Sheridan is a West Australian author of paranormal/fantasy romance .She is  a mother, wife, avid gardener and comic drawer.she has a double major in Archaeology and Anthropology that has only fuelled her interest in mythology and mythological creatures, which she uses in abundance in her writing.She has  two cats and an extremely geriatric dog. In her spare time she writes! The rest of the time is pretty much a blur. Nicola is the author of Magical  Gains and Magical Creations.

                              Title: Magical Gains                                  
Author: Nicola E. Sheridan
Publisher: Eternal Press 
Date Published: March 8th 2011
Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy Romance


 Imran is sexy. He is available, but taking anything from him is illegal and could land you in prison or, at the very least, with an extraordinarily large tax bill. Imran is a Genie and Primrose a government employee, and in a world where magic is heavily governed to ensure equality for all, their relationship appears doomed from the start. When Primrose finds herself the unwilling mistress of a hot male Genie, her stifling suburban lifestyle is shattered. Thrust into the steamy Free Zone, filled with lascivious Satyrs and treacherous Sirens, Primrose discovers that three wishes can give her anything she needs, but can they give what she truly wants?


Hello Nicola, thank-you for taking the time out to do an interview here on Fiction Fascination. 

Thank you very much for having me :)

Tell us a bit about Magical Gains?

"Magical Gains" is a paranormal/fantasy romance between a woman and her Genie. It's based in a alternate version of our world, where all magical/mythological beings are real and considered minority groups. The problem is, magic is heavily taxed, and taking a Genie's wishes is illegal. So Primrose and Imran's relationship gets off to a pretty rocky start.

Where did the ideas come from to write it?

It came from a biscuit commercial here in Australia. In the commercial a woman is the mistress of a sexy Genie but all she wants from him is a packet of biscuits that never ends (certainly not what I'd wish for...) Anyway, it got me thinking that if magic was real, the government would find a way to tax it. With that thought the world I write in was created.

Tell us a little bit about Magical Creations?

"Magical Creations" is based on Imran's brother Omar. He is left high and dry at the end of "Magical Gains" so I wanted to give him a happily ever after as well. Omar is a somewhat tortured hero, he's suffered as a Genie and eventually made himself "master-less" but a great cost. He's lonely, so he goes in search of a Nephilim to restore the soul of a lost lover, and finds himself falling for the Nephilim instead. I loved writing this one.

When did you decide to start writing?

I don't think I ever consciously decided to start writing, I've always just written. I always have stories buzzing around my mind waiting to be told, it's a hobby and a passion of mine, and I don't think I'll ever stop.

Are you working on any writing at the minute?

I'm currently writing the third and final in the "Magic" series. It's called "Magical Redemption" and based on the sub-character of Lucian from "Magical Creations". So far it's been a blast to write, but Lucian is more "Alpha male" than I'm used to writing so he's proving to be challenging at times!

What inspires you Nicola?

LOL. Literally anything. I was inspired to write my flash fiction "Good Girls Don't Talk to Satyrs" by a greasy hand print on a bus window! I do find names particularly inspiring, and sometimes I hear a name I like and think... Yep, I could write a book someone called...Euphemia or whatever!

Tell us about some of your favourite authors?

My favourite author would have to be Karen Marie Moning, I love her Fever Series, particularly Barrons who is just HOT! I'm also really into Kresley Cole, her Immortals After Dark series just suck in me. She writes some wonderfully tortured heroes and her world is just fascinating! I also love JK Rowling, Harry Potter's world is very similar to my childhood fantasies about magic, and it's beautifully written.

What is your top five all time favourite books?

Oooh, so hard to choose!
1.Dark Fever by Karen Marie Moning
2.The Prisoner of Azkaban by JK Rowling
3. Scarlett by Alexandra Ripley
4.Demon from the Dark by Kresley Cole
5. French Relations by Fiona Walker

What advice would you give to any aspiring writers reading this?

Firstly, keep writing and reading. The more you read the better your understanding of the genre you want to write in. Secondly, if you're serious about your writing and wanting to be published, get yourself a reliable critique partner and join a writers group. The information and help you'll get will amaze and astound you! Thirdly, enter competitions, some give feedback and that can be very useful and chances are if you succeed in a competition, you'll succeed in getting published. Finally, keep sending your manuscript out to publishers and don't give up. Rejections aren't personal though they may feel it. It just takes that one editor who likes your book to get a contract. You just have to find them!

Where can people find you? and your books?

You can find me at my website Http://, or my blog,, on facebook, and @NicolaESheridan on twitter. My books are available as e-formats and paperbacks at almost all internet based bookstores (Amazon, B&N etc)and are easily ordered in by local booksellers.

Is there anything else you would like to say to your readers?

I'd like to say thank you! Thank you for buying my stories and for the gorgeous feed-back I get. I love hearing from my readers, it makes me smile and makes the many hours laboring on the computer absolutely worth it!

Thanks again Nicola for dropping by. :)

You're very welcome Carly, thanks for having me!


Now for a chance to win an E-copy of Nicola E. Sheridan's novel Magical Gains, Fill out the Rafflecopter. Ends on the 1st Jan 2012. Nicola will contact the winner via e-mail with the E-copy. GOOD LUCK. :)

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