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Carrier of the Mark by Leigh Fallon

Product Description
Bewitching debut teen fiction from Inkpop sensation – dark magic, prophecies and irresistible romance collide in this beguiling read.
When Megan Rosenberg moves to Ireland, everything in her life seems to fall into place. She makes close friends with the girls in her class, her relationship with her dad is better than ever, and she finds herself inexplicably drawn to gorgeous, mysterious Adam DeRis.
Adam is cold and aloof at first, but when Megan finally breaks down the icy barrier between them, she is amazed by the intensity of their connection. Then Adam reveals a secret about the magical destiny that will shape both of their lives but also threatens to tear them apart…

Paperback, 342 pages
Published October 27th 2011 by HarperCollinsChildren'sBooks (first published October 4th 2011) 
Genre: YA
This book is a great read, I picked it up in my local library and I haven't read anything like it.

It starts off with main character Megan moving to Ireland. Megan's mum died when she was seven so it's just her and her dad. They move around alot and Megan never really gets to settle down anywhere. Megan's first day of school turns out to be great and she makes friends with Caitlin easily. Adam is a guy from Megan's school, his whole family are very quiet and people talk of them having strange magical powers.

Rian is Adam's older brother and Aine is Adam's twin sister. Their parents are also dead and Fionn is their parental guardian. Meg and Adam are attracted to each other, they start to date and become head over heels for each other very quickly. Adam invites Megan over to his house to have dinner and meet his family.

Megan discovers that she makes up the forth mark. The marks are for the four elements, Adam controls water, Rian is fire, Aine is earth and Megan is air.In all of history never has there been four marks coming into their powers at once. There is a secret order of the Mark, Druids whose job it is to protect and make sure the blood line of the marked continue. Fionn decides for them all to visit the order together. While there the order revels that it is forbidden for Megan and Adam to be together, as it could have disastrous consequences. They make out that the feelings they have for each other are not real, it is because their elements are attracted to each other. Adam does not take the news well and decides to find out more from the untranslated scrolls. The order want Megan to evoke her power so they can make the alignment ceremony on the summer solstice.

Megan has been getting strange prickling pains on her neck where her mark is,also she has been hearing whispers. She keeps the information to herself just like she is trying not to use her power, if she doesn't evoke her power she and Adam can be together. Adam has been going to Dublin trying to work with the order translating the scrolls. He is getting really frustrated and angry with finding out nothing of use, the weather is suffering his foul moods.

The Enox is the enemy, they hunt the marked to ultimately try and capture and control the power of the elements. The strange pricking's and whispers Megan has been experiencing have been warnings of danger near. The others haven't been getting the warnings which is strange. While out horse riding with Caitlin and Anni, Meg is kidnapped. Her kidnapper is a man wearing an amulet that was thought to be destroyed. The amulet protects him against the marked ones powers. Fionn, Rian, Aine and Adam show up to save the day, but Adam is shot. Megan thinks Adam is dead. She goes into a rage and accidentally evokes her power.

After Meg evokes, when her and Adam kiss their powers come together, it's really beautiful and something they are going to keep to themselves for now.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I think Leigh Fallon has made the perfect base for amazing things to come. The book is well written and the characters are very strong. The character I liked the most has to be Rian, and I would love to read more about him. I think the author does an amazing job getting the balance, Meg and her relationship with Adam, Megan's new powers and training, and most of all she didn't lose sight of Meg being a teenager, who didn't forget about or drop her friends, even if she didn't tell them everything going on in her life.

All in all a great read and I am eager to read what is in store in the next instalment.  
4/5 stars

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  1. Thanks for the great review! <3

  2. Thanks for stopping by Leigh :)

  3. I keep reading mixed reviews on this one and a lot of people are complaining it is a Twilight knock off did you feel that way?

  4. absolutely not, the only thing that is like twilight is Anni's personality to Alice from twilight, a little. :)


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