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Amaranth (The Resistance Trilogy #1) By Rachael Wade

Product Description

An Adult Paranormal Fantasy Romance.

Knowledge changes everything…

Hoodoo-influenced Southern Louisiana seems like the perfect place for Camille to escape her abusive past and dysfunctional family. She doesn’t expect to fall in love with the handsome Gavin Devereaux and plummet into the world of Amaranth, a place of exile for reformed vampires.

Wrestling to escape a deadly ex-boyfriend while giving Gavin a chance, Camille is confronted with decisions that threaten not only her life, but the lives of her inhuman friends she has come to love. Entangled in her friends’ quest for freedom, she dives into their realm and faces the threats of Amaranth’s ruler—the mother of all vampires—and her own inner demons.

Now Camille must decide whether she will derail her life and make the ultimate sacrifice for the monsters that interrupted her bumpy path back to sanity—what she still wants so desperately—or escape with Gavin before it’s too late for both of them

Paperback, 245 pages
Published September 30th 2011 by Rabbit Hole Press (first published July 27th 2011) 
Genre: Adult Paranormal Fantasy Romance
Amaranth is the first book in The Resistance Trilogy and Rachael Wade's début novel. What a way to kick start the trilogy, I was hooked from the first chapter.This is so far away from your typical vampire stories. Rachael Wade puts together an exciting new story which is extremely well written, while tackling serious issues like emotional and physical abuse, which she handles superbly.

The story follows Camille Hart, as she tries to escape and move on from the physical and emotional abuse she has suffered at the hands of her last two boyfriends. She has had a tough life but has the support of a fantastic best friend Audrey. Even tho they don't live near each other any more.

Camille meets Gavin while she is having a break in Paris. Two years later she just happens to bump into him again in the book store she works in. She feels an instant connection to him and the pair go out that night with Audrey and Gabe (Gavin's friend). Their relationship progresses rapidly and the two of them seem to be falling for each other.

Camille stumbles into a world she never imagined existed. She finds herself mixed up in the beginnings of an undead war that is brewing. She is frightened but unsurprised when everything is explained to her. Gavin, Audrey and Gabe need to enter Amaranth, another world, in search of freedom for their race. They may never return, when Camille finds this out she makes the decision to go to Amaranth , to bargain with Samira, The mother Of All The Vampires. Little does she know she is playing right into Samira's hands.

The ending is fantastic and has left me begging for more. I love how Rachael Wade has set the book up for amazing things to come in the future.

I fell in love with the characters in this book.

Samira is dark, dangerous and wicked but I am so intrigued by her.

Camille is a very strong individual, even if she doesn't realise it. She enjoys her own company, has been through lots of tough times and has come out fighting. An unlikely heroine that will be totally relate-able to alot of people, oh and did I mention she has a great sense of humour.

Gavin is super hot, he seems to be a genuine good guy, trying to do something for the greater good. You can tell he really loves Camille. He also has a darker side to him, which will come out at every opportunity to protect Camille.

Audrey is a great best friend to have, I loved reading about her and Gabe.

I loved this book, I just wanted to step into the dark, dangerous world of Amaranth. I am now eagerly awaiting the next instalment 'The Gates' out 2012.

Oh I have to mention the beautiful cover that I just couldn't stop looking at. There is a scene in the book that describes the landscape around the entrance to Amaranth, the cover matches the description exactly, so great job. :)

If you haven't already read this book, you need to put it on your TBR list today. You will not be disappointed.
A 5 Star Read
If you haven't read my interview with Rachael Wade click here to check it out.

Carly :)


  1. Carly, I'm sitting here trying to think of the words. I can't quite tell you how thankful I am for your kind review and for taking the time to read the first installment. I love hearing how you interpreted the characters. I'm also very intrigued by Samira. I'm so glad you enjoyed it and I hope you enjoy book #2.

    Happy holidays to you and all you love,

  2. Great review Carly, looks like I need to look into this one for my blog. I love how diversified your blog reviews are. I am going to start branching out too. Thanks for stopping by for my Masquerade stop!

  3. Thanks so much Rachael and thanks so much for stopping by. I think Samira is one of my favourites and definitely one to watch :)

    @heidi, thanks so much for stopping by, well I love to read anything and everything, I can't limit myself I just like to give everything a try. No problem, I cannot wait to read Masquerade. :)

  4. Awesome review, I will have to add this to my TBR list. Thank you!

  5. Thanks for the review. Definitely going to my TBR list!

    Happy Holidays!


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