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Succubus Blues (Georgina Kincaid #1) by Richelle Mead

 Product Description

When it comes to jobs in hell, being a succubus seems pretty glamorous. A girl can be anything she wants, the wardrobe is killer, and mortal men will do anything just for a touch. Granted, they can often pay with their souls, but why get technical?

But Seattle succubus Georgina Kincaid's life is far less exotic. Her boss is a middle-management demon with a thing for John Cusack movies. Her immortal best friends haven't stopped teasing her about the time she shape-shifted into the Demon Goddess getup complete with whip and wings. And she can't have a decent date without the sucking away part of the guy's life. At least there's her day job at a local bookstore - free books; all the white chocolate mochas she can drink; and easy access to bestselling, sexy writer, Seth Mortensen, aka He Whom She Would Give Anything to Touch but Can't.

But dreaming about Seth will have to wait. Something wicked is at work in Seattle's demon underground. And for once, all of her hot charms and drop-dead one-liners won't help because Georgina's about to discover there are some creatures out there that both heaven and hell want to deny...

Paperback, 496 pages
Published August 1st 2007 by Bantam (first published March 1st 2007) 
Genre: Paranormal-Romance

This is book one in the series and what a kick-off.

Main character Gerogina Kincaid is a succubus,an alluring shape-shifter who seduces mortal men. She has no social life to speak of and works in a book store. She is witty and usually has an answer for everything.

The story starts off with a vampire Georgina had a run in with getting killed. Her boss Jerome an archdemon calls round her house to question her about it, as he knows she was one of the last people to see him.

Seth Morgansteen is Georgina's favourite author, and just so happens to be doing a book signing in the book store she works in. She flirts with a man in work, only to find out later that night, that he is in fact Seth Morgansteen. Mortified she has to sit through his book signing. Her manager then arranges for her to show Seth round the city.

Gerogina meets a guy 'Roman' completely by accident and is instantly drawn to him. She keeps refusing to go out on a date, as she doesn't do relationships. She doesn't like to get close to people she likes, she doesn't want to hurt them if her succubus nature sucks the live out of them.

Meanwhile her friend Hugh, an imp is attacked. She rushes to the hospital only to be told by Jerome to stay out of it for her own safety.

She has been getting to know Seth but they don't talk much, well Seth doesn't. Seth is very shy and introverted, the opposite of Georgina.

One night Roman and Georgina go out together dancing and get drunk then go to see Georgina's friend's band play. All of her work friends are there and she makes a complete fool of herself, when Roman kisses her. So she storms out only to be followed out by Seth. He takes her back to his house to sleep it off. They get on really well and end up going together to his nieces 8th birthday party.

Georgina's phone was broken the night before, so she didn't get the news that an angel from the area Lucinda was killed last night. The news comes as a big shock to everyone. Georgina decides to try and discover more about what's been going on. She has an idea about Nephilim because of a clue her friend Erik gave her. She decides to check out a book that might have more info. On her way home she is attacked in an alley and saved by Carter an angel. Jerome her boss and Carter decide she needs to be protected as the Nephilim seems to have an interest in her. She has also been getting strange notes before and after each attack. So carter moves into her house.

Things are quiet for a couple of days, other than Roman calling round. She tells him she doesn't want to see him again and he leaves. 

Everything really heats up in the last section of the book, the Nephilim leaves a note for Georgina in her work, that leaves her torn between people to protect. I can say the ending is a complete shocker, I was definitely not expecting it. The ending was beautiful, I was so happy for Georgina.

I haven't enjoyed a book this much in a while. I have nothing negative to say. The plot was fantastic, full of twists, turns and mystery. All the characters were strong, some were down to earth and likeable and some were dark and mysterious, the perfect combination for me. I cannot wait to read what happens next in Georgina's live. Next in the series is SUCCUBUS BLUES.


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