Monday, 28 November 2011

Night Crossers by Leah Spiegel

Product Description
Marcus, the main character, arrives in a new town hoping for a fresh start for him and his mother after the recent death of his brother. He quickly discovers the town is not what it seems and that he's been sent there because he is marked. Arriving at the only high school, where one strike means you get disciplined by the “suits.” Marcus needs to learn how to blend in or it could very well get him killed. By chance he stumbles upon a secret resistance, made of students trained like the military, who try to get unmarked victims across the county line to a safe haven. But all is not what it seems when Marcus discovers who’s really pulling the strings. With the help of Ryder, an angel with a bad track record, Megan, a psychic who can sense when Marcus is in danger, and Marcus’ nightmares that give him insight to the dark world; they just might be able to defeat the powers that be. Marcus has to figure out how to get his mom safely out of the town, how to control his developing abilities, and finally how to defeat the priest in his dreams or he might not survive the experience.

Paperback, 280 pages
Published August 12th 2011 by CreateSpace 
Genre: Young Adult
Well what can I say, I loved this book and didn't want to put it down. I won't be able to praise it enough.

The main character Marcus has just moved to the town of Borough, Iowa, with his mum. He hopes to have a fresh start after the death of his brother, Christian. He finds it difficult to fit in with the people in Kenton High and has been sent to principle Crabtree's office lots of times already for fighting.

The town is not all it seems, Marcus has been sent there because he is marked. He needs to learn to keep his head down and try to blend in, or risk getting carted off by the strange men in the suits, No one ever returns.

Megan is a super hot bad girl that goes to Kenton High, who always manages to show up when Marcus is in danger. The two of them become friends and she drives him to and from school.

Marcus happens upon a secret resistance, who do military training during school hours. Runners in the resistance try to move unmarked people across the boarder to safe havens. The runners haven't been successful in securing anyone across the boarder in a while and it would seem they are being set up.

Marcus suffers from vivid dreams, every dream a victim is murdered at the hands of a priest. Marcus is with the victims and helps them to cross over. The Priest from his dreams just so happens to be real, one of the elders in the town for the resistance.

Ryder is the angel of death, who has taken an interest in Marcus. With Ryder's help can he secure his mum in a safe haven? Can he defeat the priest and the other demons who control this dammed town? Marcus needs to learn to control his new found abilities if he hopes to stand a chance. He has a connection to Ryder and is named Death's Apprentice.

The ending of this book left me begging for more. The book is very well written, to the point crisp writing with no unnecessary filler. I devoured this book and read it in two sittings. I love this dark world Leah Spiegel has created, her characters are dark and dangerous with great heroic characters to balance it out. Marcus is a down to earth likeable guy and I think alot of people will be able to relate to him. There is lots of action, emotion, danger and mystery throughout this book which kept me glued to the pages.

This is a must read book, which now has a place with my favourites. I really do hope there is a sequel in the works. Only one thing for me, I would of liked a little bit more descriptors, I sometimes found it hard to get a picture of some of the characters.

4.5 stars for me.

Carly :)


  1. Love your blog Carly, I know you just got started and I hope you're having as much fun blogging as the rest of us. It's a lot of work and can take a lot of time and a good deal of patience, but it's well worth it!

  2. Thank-you Katelyn, It is alot of work but i will get there, It will be well worth it. I love doing it. :)

  3. If you love this book you need to read Foolish Games by Leah. It is my favorite so far. Oh, and I agree about a sequel to Night Crossers. I hope it is in the works!

  4. I will be reading Foolish Games later in the week, :)

  5. This author rocks and has new books in the works! You need to read them all! You will love Foolish Games. Enjoy and keep looking for her next ones.


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