Sunday, 13 November 2011

The Lunatic Cafe (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, #4) By Laurell K. Hamilton

Product Description
A mesmerising Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, novel

'You don't volunteer for slugfests with vampires. It shortens your life expectancy.'

And you don't fall in love with a werewolf.  It interferes with your work. Especially when you're a preternatural expert, like me. My name is Anita Blake. My business brings me up close and personal with all shapes and sizes of monsters. And not all of them want to kill me.

Take, for instance, the local pack of lycanthrops - they're werewolves to you. A number of them are missing, and they've come to me for help. Maybe because I'm dating the leader of the pack. I've survived a lot - from jealous vampires to killer zombies - but this love thing may kill me yet.

Paperback, 384 pages
Published October 5th 2000 by Orbit
(first published January 1st 1996) 
Genre: Adult Science-Fiction  


I think this book (book 4) is the best in the series so far, I read it in a single sitting! The strange love triangle has really mixed things up a bit. With Anita being labelled (the executioner) by the undead community you would think she doesn't like vampires, but with Jean-claude things are certainly hotting up. Anita is starting to realise that she does love both Jean-claude and Richard in different ways! Edwards character is great, I liked reading more about him in this book. Wish he was in the series more. Laurell K. Hamilton never fails to disappoint for me and I thoroughly enjoy reading all of her works. A fast paced action-packed book! loved it! Next in the series is 'Bloody Bones.'

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